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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Did I Mention I Need You?

Did I Mention I NEED the third book in this series right now? A while back I posted a review on the first book in the DIMILY-series: Did I Mention I Love You? I remember saying that I loved the book so, so much but guess what... I've got the second book for my birthday: Did I Mention I Need You? by Estelle Maskame and I have to confess the following: I'm so obsessed with this series, I absolutely can't breath anymore! I need the third (and last! Yes start crying y'all!) book in this series. Unfortunately I'll need to wait until the 28th of April because then it's the release... and then I need to wait even more because I'm on my trip to Italy! Anyway, let's jump into the review.

It's been a year since Eden has last seen Tyler but the summer has arrived again and she's going to pay him a visit in the city that never sleeps: New York. Both have turned different ways since last time things went south. Tyler has been going on an awareness tour for child abuse and Eden has stayed in Santa Monica together with her new boyfriend. However it's her last summer she can spend with her family because in the fall she leaves LA to go to the University of Californin, she goes to him anyway. Convinced that both she and Tyler are okay, things start to heat up again in NYC and old memories come to the surface... 

I'm so excited to talk about this book! God, I've had so much more feels in this book than I've had in the first book. And can I just make you pay attention, again, to that cover?! It's the same as the first one: four pictures but this time it's themed with New York City pictures. Also I want to express how happy I am that this book is situated in New York. I'd love to go to New York one day and reading the descriptions of how everything looks, how it feels, just made me want to go to the airport and take the first plane to my dream city! 

And it also made me want to really meet each character in this book! Eden hasn't changed a lot in this book. She's older, logical! But she's still running and doing her workouts, she's still the girl I got to know in the first book and I can still relate to her. What I did feel in this book is that Eden comes over a little bit more comfortabel and confident than she was in the first book. Of course she'll have her moments where she has a relapse and is insecure again but most of the time I was really proud of her. She was a strong, confident and independent woman but then with a boyfriend and I can only look up to her for that! 

The second book also means greeting my favorite person in the whole world: Tyler. He was the one that changed the most during the time jump of a year. Remember when I said he was an angry and frustrating jerk? Yeah well, he has things more under control this time. But mark my words: more. Also he has his relapses in getting angry and all riled up but that's how we know him and that's how we love him. Yet I did feel like he wasn't as childish anymore as he was in the first book, and that's what made him look more older and more mature.

With a new city there also come new friends: Emily and Stephan. Let's start with Emily, I have to express that I wasn't a big fan of her in the beginning but that was Eden's fault. I'll come back on that later! Anyway, Emily is a friend of Tyler's and they met on the tour they went on together. Emily is more of a shy girl. She also wasn't too confident to begin with but Tyler explains why that is (not going to spoil my favorite book!). She's also drawn back from the social life and tries not to raise too much attention to herself. She and Tyler are also very close and that makes sure she's also a very good friend to him and his friends. She might be shy but she will help out whenever someone needs it. So after my jealousy for her, I could appreciate her! 

Then Stephan! Well, let's not call him Stephan because he doesn't like that, he rather goes by the name Snake. Don't ask me why, the first time I read it I was as confused as Eden was! He's from Boston and came to NY for his studies. What's his relation with Tyler? They're roommates. And I absolutely loved Snake from the start. It's all you'd imagine for a guy like him: lazy, a beer lover, a funny guy and even irritating. I absolutely found him hilarious at times but what I even loved most about him was the fact that he could be serious when he needed to be. And he'll also take care of his friends which is even more perfect than I had imagined him.

You might ask now (after all my babbling) where the other characters are at. Well, if you liked Rachel, Dean and Tiffani in the first book then I've got good news for you: they're coming back in this story. However this time around I've had a lot of difficulties with appreciating them! First of Dean, I still love Dean. He's still the nice guy I remember and he really cares about making sure everyone is okay. But Rachel is just being different from the way I remember her in the first book, she starts acting more and more like my least favorite character in the first book: Tiffani. And as I already said that character will be coming back around. My feelings towards her have not changed a bit. 

Speaking of feelings that haven't changed, I've grown to hate Eden's father even more! Who had ever thought that? Certain aspects enroll in the book that make him even more stupid than he was before. So no, the dad of Eden has not made himself popular with me! It's for you to find out why and see if you feel the same!

Now I've got the characters covered we can go on to the plot. The plot that made my heart beat faster, broke my heart, stabbed my heart, healed it again to only stab and break it again. Yes, we're having a plot like this. And that's all because of the feels in this books because again there are plenty! 

As already mentioned Eden goes to spend some time with Tyler in New York City. Things start out totally fine between them. Tyler shows her around and while he does that both characters describe the city. I absolutely loved that, the fact that the author took time to describe the city. If you've never been there, it's nice to being able to form the city and really be in it. I can really relate to Eden so each time she said something about it I could really imagine what she said and I also felt the same as she did. The city is described so well that it really makes you want to go there. This was a great asset to the plot in my opinion. 

But things don't stay as innocent as I might have made it look like. Again there'll be drama but there's also scandal! I don't know what it is that the author does but it just doesn't bother me at all! I'm most of the time not someone who likes drama and scandal in books but here it's applied 'softly' and it doesn't bother me as much. The scandal is also just a little part in the book and will blow over rather fast in my opinion.

The drama however stays a bigger part in the book and goes with ups and downs. There will be moment you'll ask yourself now where's that drama at? And there will me moments you're laughing like the devil because you're enjoying the drama way too much! I don't really want to give examples because I don't want to spoil you guys, it's too good for spoilers... but it's hard not to spoil anything! 

If this didn't convince you yet let me talk about all the feels you'll get. As already mentioned in the short synopsis, memories start surfacing again and it all takes us to a trip to memory lane. It's rather obvious that this makes us get a lot of feels. You'll feel the frustration from time to time because it takes so long! (Figure out what I'm talking about ;) ) But you'll also feel mad at times, you'll want to crush the book or rip it apart. This plot makes you feel loved, hated and it'll even make you jealous. And this brings me to what I said earlier about Emily.

Emily comes around and comes along really well with Tyler. This brings my ship in danger and I live for my ship like many other bookworms do! But I wasn't the only one feeling threatened. As memories come surfacing again also Eden feels the effect of Emily coming around. She acts jealous and she doesn't want to pay any attention to Emily whatsoever. I literally felt the same. I didn't want Emily around and Eden only fuels your hatred towards this character. You'll get the same feelings like the main character, if not feeling it ten times worse and yes, you'll act jealous and irritated. But the air will clear and soon you'll be able to appreciate Emily as a person! I was really keen on the part where the character can make you feel so much more than you already did and that has everything to do with the writing style of the writer, which is in this series absolutely on point and great!

Also there's the temptation. We all know what happens when two persons who have had an amazing past together, rethink about that past: things get out of control. And as a reader you're like "don't do it, you've got a boyfriend! He's your best friend!" but you also want it. The biggest question that'll linger in your head will be "What's going to happen now?". You never get a good answer on it, at least not for a while but the temptation to choose the bad as a reader is big! And with bad I mean cheating on the boyfriend. As reader you're constantly pulled between your own decisions. What would you do? And eventually who would you pick? And then you've got the charms of Tyler and you tend to go to the bad side and probably will go to hell for it. But it's still a book and it's still the characters that'll have to choose and that's what makes this read to exciting: the thrill, the temptation, the unknown decision! 

If these are not enough feels for a book then the author has a big surprise for you at the end. You couldn't imagine a thing that's happening towards the end. Things start getting revealed, things start getting out of hand and you think to yourself "Estelle Maskame what on earth ar you doing?!" and that's when you're heart gets to the surprise of your life. This ending is not the ending I wanted. I remember my first review about this series where I said that this ending was "The ending wasn't supposed to be like that! I thought everything was fine and then BAM...", but this ending was my death! 

Again the author leaves us with no other choice than wait for the next book in this series to continue where it left off. I don't know what it is with authors but they just tend to keep giving cliff hangers and I love it but I also hate it! If one thing is clear it's that this book was even better than the first one was and I absolutely love this series. 

Again I lingered on every word there was in this book. I lived for the moments of flashbacks to the first book and to being able to laugh hard with new characters. I hated, I loved, I got angry and frustrated only to become happy again. The ending did made me cry and I want the third and last book now. To everyone who read the first book and does not have the second book yet: you need to get your hands on it now! To everyone who hasn't read this story: please read the review about the first book and if it makes you curious, go pick it up! I guarantee that this book will also not leave you untouched. In fact it only makes you want more! I can't believe that a book can have so much impact on my emotional system, but this one has me like I'm its marionet. Absolutely great story, with great characters and detail for the city we're at! Well done Estelle Maskame, again at it with those feels! 

"Love has no rules."

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