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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Top 5 Children's books

Since I'm studying to become a teacher in kindergarten, my book collection has expanded. Not with English books but with Dutch children's books! This post therefore might be more for the Dutchies (and teachers) around here because they might not know these books. I'm saying Dutchies because these books are all in Dutch. However, it might be translated in English too!

Note: the books are not enlisted in hierarchy of how much I like them. These 5 books are equally good in my opinion.

1. Elke Dag een Kabouter (Each day a Dwarf) by Eline Hermans.
This is a book that's really old! It's a book that my mother used when I was little, it might be 18-20 years old already. Still, I think it's an amazing book though!

This book has little stories about dwarfs for each day. And when I mean each day, I mean each day! It's really fun to use, especially when kids are able to see what day it is on a calendar. That way they can go check the date and then find it on their own in the book.

The stories also vary a lot. One time the dwarfs go visit an old man and other times they're busy trying to find a solution for a problem. There are drawings in it too, they're not too detailed either but I don't really mind because I think they do just fine with the story they're drawn for. It's a book that also makes sure that the children use their imagination because there aren't drawings for each thing that happens in that little story.

2. Versjes en liedjes voor de kleintjes (Poetry and songs for the littlest) by Marianne Busser and Ron Schröder.
What I like the most about this book is that it contains songs and poetry for kids. On school we got two syllabus' full of songs but this one is a nice addition to it! I actually bought this book in my library, they were selling lots and lots of books and I was really curious so visited my library.

I only found this book but it wasn't like I regret going. In this job you need to sing a lot and learn songs and with each event you celebrate you need something to sing that also isn't known (that's what my school thinks). This book has many themes like Christmas, Mother's day, Cleaning up, and so on! So I'm really happy to have this book because it covers so many topics that each differ from the other one.

It also has the staves with all the different music notes which is also practical because I'm learning to play instruments. That way I can use that too.

3. De Superreuze Vervelende Olifant (The Slightly Annoying Elephant) by David Walliams and Tony Ross.
Good news for the English people that are reading this, this book is an English one that is translated to Dutch! Also, this book is amazing! It's from my library but I wish it was mine. The second I opened up the book I really laughed.

The things that happen in this book are really unrealistic but they're really, really funny! It sure does make the kids laugh and use their imagination so then its purpose has succeeded. The book is by a boy that signs a contract of adopting an elephant but he didn't know that. So one day there's an elephant at his doorstep and he has to take him in. Of course the elephant is too heavy and big for the house so things break and the boy gets slightly annoyed by it. This of course brings some humor into the story.

I'm also a big fan of the cover and also of the drawings themselves. Another thing I really like is how the words are pictured on the drawings, it's very creative and musical which is a great thing for kids (something my teacher told me). It's also a good book to create an activity with so after the book we can do something related to it.

4. De paraplu (The Umbrella) by Ingrid and Dieter Schubert.
This book is really one of my favorites! This book only contains drawings, there are no words. I really love that because children get the chance to really make their own story with every drawing. So even if you already told the story, they can go back to it and make their own story.

Also the drawings are absolutely amazing! My teacher presented this book in class and I was so glad she did. It was like a recommendation by her.

This book is about a dog that finds an umbrella and then starts flying with it and sees the whole world. A really nice concept and also something that can be used in many themes if you ask me. What I also enjoy a lot in this book is that when it ends, you see another animal looking at the umbrella like the dog did in the beginning. The story therefore could just start again but then with another animal!

5. Taart voor mama (Cake for mom) by Veerle Derave.
My first children's book bought this year! It's like my real first children's book and I feel really proud. I found the book on the Boekencircus at Ghent together with my mom. It's like a book fair but then cheaper. I was a bit disappointed though because I had expected more but hey, I was glad I went anyway.
This is a book that really can be used for Mother's Day, it's also what the book is about. When I have my internship in April/May I can therefore really use the book. The drawings are also very special in my opinion and the story is something many kids can relate to if they have celebrated Mother's Day before.

These were my top 5 children's book for the moment. I just started studying this, it's been a few months now so maybe an update will follow soon! If you have recommendations, don't hesitate to send them to me. I'm really looking for cool books but also books that only have drawings! So anything is possible. Thanks!

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