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Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Hello third book of a series! I can't be more happy after reading this one. I'm as well as shocked as curious as surprised as anything really! I'm talking about the third book in The Rephaim series: Shimmer by Paula Weston. We all know I've got a soft spot for angels and demons, so all books like this tend to find a way to my heart somehow.

Note: This is a third in a series, if you haven't read the first one or second one for that matter, I highly recommend NOT to read on. A lot of things will have taken place and changes will be noticed during the review because the story has already advanced. If you are curious, I wrote a review on the first book Shadows HERE and a review on Haze (the second book) HERE

With Rafa and Taya being abducted by the demons, the division between the sanctuary and the outcasts turn to a whole new level. Both want their friends desperately back but with Nathaniel breathing down their necks it's not so simple. Some think they should be patient and wait but others don't want their friends to be murdered while waiting this one out. Above that Jude being alive like Gaby creates a whole bunch of new questions and rumors. Their arrival doesn't go unnoticed and drives some Rephaim crazy. All comes to an edge when a very special package arrives at the sanctuary...

Holy bookangels and bookgods! This book just goes to a whole new level and I can't even describe how excited I was during the read. Obviously all things are different now Jude or as Nathaniel likes to call him Judah is alive and things went down at the end of book two, Haze. It made sure Jude and the other outcasts needed to retrieve to the Sanctuary where the first division was caused by Jude himself.

It was very enjoyable to see this new light shine in the book and it's a spotlight direct at Jude himself. Obviously, we got a glimpse of him in Haze but not enough to know how he was and if he differs a lot with Gaby. Through the book we do see and notice that he handles things a lot easier than Gaby did and is easier with getting habits back to being as easy as it was before. Readers will be able to enjoy to see this contrast between him and his twin sister, Gaby, who wasn't calm and relaxed when she got to hear what she really was.

Talking about Gaby, also her character takes a huge turn with this book. I always found her a very brave character. Eventually she had to roll with what she was and with knowing it. Although in Haze she isn't the one to really step in out of her own will, I still thought she did a great job. In Shimmer this all becomes much bigger. She lost one of her truest friends, Rafa, to a demon who's out for blood. This causes her to be more of a leader than we've seen in the last two books. It's amazing to see this change and to see her step up her game all because she can't afford to lose yet another one of her friends now Jude is back. 

Now Rafa is out of the picture for a while, we also get a much clearer view on how the twins are with each other. After being introduced to each other and see the other one isn't dead, we knew their bond was really close. Even before Jude came into the picture this was known. Now they're back together and they'll fight together to get their friend back and it's amazing to see this. Their bond is maybe even stronger than it was before, but we don't know that for certain since we don't know much about their pasts. Aside from the both of them supporting each other and help the other one out in times of need. This bond is a great asset to this book! 

Can we also just talk about Nathaniel for just a few seconds. Waw. I should give him a standing ovation and I really mean that. This character has brought so many of my feelings to the surface it's fantastic. I'm really happy to get a better look onto this character, especially because we know so little about him and how he rules over the Rephaim. It's a great asset, in my opinion, to get to know him better. Especially because we don't really know who's side he's on and if he has his own agenda. Be prepared to meet all sides of this characters and to be mind blown with feels about him. 

Also about the characters, I can really sleep on both ears because there are so many Rephaim we finally get to know better. I was really excited to switch camps and get a closer look onto characters of the Sanctuary. It just show us more about these creatures and how they feel about the division. Of course it doesn't always need to be about the division and we get to know them for who they really are and what relationship they had with Gaby before things went down. 

As for the plot, it was as great as it is each time. We still have the house in Iowa we need to discover more about but there's also Rafa and Taya being abducted, Jude and Gaby who don't remember their past. So many things are happening and you still have so many questions that require an answer.

Do not fear my fellow booklovers! This book is all about providing answers on your questions. That's what I loved most about this book. Especially because the characters will come up with more questions you didn't even think about before, but are actually pretty important to know. It's played out very well and written very carefully not to spoil too much yet but enough to make you sit back and wonder a bit longer. 

Also we finally get a perspective on the division between the Outcasts and the Sanctuary. We know that the Rephaim are divided, it's not a secret. With Rafa being from the Outcasts and Taya being from the Sanctuary we obviously hit a whole new world where division is the best word to describe the affair. Readers will be really keen on seeing this played out during the story. Especially because there's a lot of history between the two and a lot of unresolved problems they want to resolve now... but not always with the sitting down and talking about it-method. Can you already guess? 

This will cause a lot of rumors about one another but also cause a lot of old friendships to come under the attention of the reader. We'll get to know some of the history and that's a great asset to the book. Above that, both parties will have to come with a plan for getting their friends Taya and Rafa back. The only question is if they're prepared to bury the hatchet to do so. This book therefore also has a lot of tension, anger, fury, rows, fighting, lies and action in it that's alternated with loving, caring feelings and sweet memories.

In the end we'll all be shocked by how much they have grown or not with what's all happening and if they can do this together. But a lot of questions will arise and this leads to another division we wouldn't see coming from even a mile away. 

If you've been waiting on some surprise in this series, I can promise you you will be surprised. Big time. And not really a small thing but something I didn't even see coming and thought about twice if it could be true. So be prepared for something big and freaking amazing, fantastic, unseen in this series, (and yes, a lot more feelings can be placed here because I was absolutely SHOCKED!). 

As for the past of Jude and Gaby we still don't get a light on this and therefore are still in the dark as the characters themselves. I did wish to get to know a bit of it but I'm also very patient since the plot was already filled with a lot of other important moments and because we're provided answers to many questions. So I am definitely not disappointed by it! I just hope the last book will give a clear answer to this part too.

I guess we can really say that this was a mind blowing book. The new character that shows up knows how to stir things up as well as show what he got. Also the bond between the characters will be taken into detail which I really appreciated. Other Rephaim we didn't know a lot of, come into the picture and this causes the characters to make a whole new turn for the better. The plot was, as always, amazingly written! It has action, revelations, tears, suspicion and much more feels which makes it a very moving plot that won't bore you at all. The division between the Rephaim is also explained and taken into the light which readers can be really keen on. And new questions will arise when unpredictable things happen and takes the reader by shock! An absolute recommendation to everyone who's already busy with this series!

“past year—I stop, remember to breathe. Let it go.” 

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