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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Unraveling You

I know, it's been a very long time since I've written a review! I'm so sorry but I've got a valid reason. Actually I got various valid reasons. First of all I've been to Italy and then I didn't have time to post things and my exams are coming closer. The last reason does bring me here today. The book I'm going to discuss today is also the book that I had to read for my English exams: Unraveling You by Jessica Sorensen

Lyric has everything in life to be happy. She has music to keep her buys, she loves singing, she has friends and she has both her parents. For her new neighbor, Ayden, this is different. He's been going from home to home without any support. He's been through so much, if only he could remember what exactly. His past has been so rough and dark that he doesn't remember anything, his memories are blocked. 

Slowly Ayden starts to feel comfortable around his new family and around the all optimistic Lyric. Together they can go anywhere they want and do anything. And soon the lines between friendship and romance are blurring. That is until Ayden's past decides to pay a visit...

Yes! Another book by Jessica Sorensen. And yes we can say that it's actually very predictable again but it's her writing style. Jessica Sorensen writes almost always about the same: two kids, one boy and one girl. Both of them have had a hard life. And they’re still struggling with it until they find each other and become a strong person again. I guess it’s something you need to love or get addicted to. My first book of Jessica Sorensen just gave me so much that I got addicted to her writing style. So here I am again with one of her books. And believe me it isn’t as predictable as you might think, it’s not even depressive or boring. In fact, this book pretty much surprised me with all its facets.

First off, some more about the characters. Lyric Scott is the first on the list because she really surprised me. All the books that I've read by Jessica Sorensen are about two teens that are both unhappy or have been unhappy. Lyric is different! She's very optimistic, sees the fun in everything and really enjoys life. She's a music addict, sings, plays instruments and even writes her own lyrics. I absolutely loved this character because she was so optimistic about things and really funny!

And then we had our other character since this was the book with two POV's: Ayden Gregory. Of course his name isn't really Gregory because that's the name of his adoption family. The first look we get at Ayden is special. Special in a way that I wasn't prepared for him to be the way he was. I thought he'd try to hide his feelings but we see another Ayden than I thought. This is also the character that changes the most in this book, he starts getting along with Lyric and she won't let him down. Also Ayden is a character that needs music to feel okay or more happy.

The thing with Ayden is that we don't know a lot of him. He's been going from home to home before he got with the Gregory's. Pretty early in the book we also start to discover that he blocked his memories so something traumatic has happened in his life. However this causes us to really be Ayden. It's as if we're in his mind and trying to unlock the memories, the secrets to know what's going on. And just like him we don't know if that's such a good idea to unravel things, we don't know how bad things will be. Yet this was one of the things that I absolutely loved in this book, you weren't reading. It felt like you really were the character. Above that a lot of mystery stays put in this book, often we don't get any wiser with the thoughts that are in his head. We could see it as something literally but also as something metaphorical. It's a real adventure and investigation to the truth!

Some other thing that is worth mentioning while talking about the characters are the parents. Jessica Sorensen surprised me for another time because the parents of these two teenagers are former main characters of other books by her. I haven't read those books yet but I did recognize them and I was so happy about that. Using former characters maybe isn't always a good thing but here it was impressing to see the evolution from them being teenagers to them having teenagers.

I also want to mention that the author has used a lot of music and quotes in her book. Music is also one of the things that is really important in this book. Both characters find a way to relax with music and isn’t that something almost all teenagers in this society can relate with? The author might talk a lot about dark pasts and problems but with each page you read and each book you devour by her, you see that there is a lot of truth in it. You can relate and that is what’s important with a book: often it feels like a mirror and you see your own reflection in the character. So that was also a great asset to the book!

Other themes in this book are obviously friendship and family. Friendship because Lyric and Ayden are good friends and help each other out when need be. Also family because Ayden has got another sister and brother. And this is where everything gets even better... The book has everything, from a very pleasant friendship to a book full of mystery around one character and back to humor. But if this hasn’t convinced you, there’s more. Ayden starts searching for his family and then we find out that something has gone wrong with his brother. Mystery unravels itself more and more only to end this book with a fantastic cliffhanger and one important question: what has happened to Ayden’s brother? This book will not leave you untouched and that’s why I absolutely recommend it.

"You think too much with your heart Lyric, and not with your head."

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