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Wednesday, April 26, 2017


I feel like April is totally the "alien month" or "Luxen month", it's the 4th week of April and all reviews this month have been about the most amazing series Jennifer L. Armentrout has ever written, at least that's my opinion. And before you ask, yes I am reviewing yet another book in this series! Origin by Jennifer L. Armentrout

NOTE: This is a 4th in a season and therefore a lot of things have happened. If you have not read this series at all, I highly recommend not reading any further. The book already has made developments and further changes because of the books before Origin. If you're interested in reading the series or interested what this is about, I wrote reviews on every single book before Origin:

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Review on Opal: HERE

Katy is captured by the DOD and that doesn't make anything easier than it already was. Forced to show them what she's capable off, Katy will turn dark and against all she ever thought was important. Daemon's need of finding Katy and freeing her from this horrible new life she's having is his only concern. He'll go through great lengths to save everyone that he loves, and especially his most beloved: Katy. Together they'll face the impossible while holding on to hope. But the DOD also has a few tricks on their sleeves...

This book will blow minds when it comes to the new characters coming and secrets being revealed, honestly though! I never thought it could get any freakier but I guess all is possible in this series!

First of, the bonding between Katy and Daemon. I think we've established in the previous reviews that I absolutely love these two. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses that will complete each other and makes them the perfect combination of deadly and lovable. 

In Origin, their bond will be on a new level. Katy is captured, which I was in shock about and really, really felt bad about when I ended Opal! With this comes a whole bunch of crappy moments. The DOD obviously wants to know what she's capable off and this will make sure that our bright Katy is going to become glowing less and less. The things they make her do will end her stubbornness and her determination of doing what she wants to do. There's no room for her being herself and object to things because that will only harm her. The reader will really come to a level of Katy we haven't really witnessed before: her being powerlessness! This will go to very deep lengths of her personality and it's hard not to feel bad for her. 

As for Daemon, he's ready to burn an entire state down, what am I saying? I meant the whole planet. From previous books we already knew that he's very protective over everyone he loves, Katy is no exception to that. Daemon's character will therefore be tested a lot which was also a nice change to see since this book has two POV's. Readers will finally know what's on his mind, especially now things went totally wrong. 

I really appreciated seeing the change within the characters now everything has been going south. It's mostly Katy and Daemon we'll see because that's who the DOD wants. Nevertheless did I really enjoy these two and see their personalities develop and capture the reader with how they feel about doing the things they don't want to do and how to live with it. 

As for the characters in general this book is all about finding out what family really means. Take my word for it! Also new characters will be introduced and of some I'm a real fan. I wouldn't mind a sequel on them but I doubt it'll ever come... sad face. And yes, it's also time to say goodbye to a few characters that each, after and during all these books, have left marks on your heart. The good kind and the bad kind. I feel so sad and dull about it, but it also is important to the statement I said earlier in this paragraph. Seeing them go, and see others come really makes it feel like the end of the series is coming which is a good thing because I feel excited for the next part! But it's sad that the next is the last. This is a series I wish that kept going forever. But to all great comes and end... sad face once again.

As for the plot: HI, I really want to be living there okay? Well, I don't want to be really living their because this book is really going to show how bad everything can get when you're a hybrid or an alien. Nevertheless was this a very well written plot that's been thought out really well!

Readers will once again be captured by all the feelings the author throws by us but the plot will also be revealing a few secrets! Believe me when that happens... it's like we're really being thrown out of the atmosphere. There is more than just Humans, Hybrids and Luxen and that "more" is being captured in Building B. Doesn't that sound mysterious? 

Well, imagine this over a whole book. The characters don't know what's in Building B, the readers don't know what's in Building B and every once in a while, something goes down in that building and we will all want to know what on earth it is. And you will know and you will be shocked as well as maybe a bit freaked out when you get the description and know what that "more" is capable of! 

And when that secret is being revealed, a whole other secret will be revealed and it will explain so much about something in Opal, that I was shocked once again!

Anyway, before we all know this secret we'll take a whole detour through the DOD's underground building. It really feels as if we're infiltrating and opening our eyes. Katy will go through whatever Dawson and Bethany have gone through and it's really nice to see and know what that exactly was. Knowing what Dawson and Bethany went through but seeing it through another character feels like an asset to me because we're really living it 'over again' and this fuels all your emotions and heightens your senses. 

Lastly, please watch out with who you trust. And I don't know if I should add more to that or not but I feel like it's a good warning to give. I know, I know, I feel evil for telling A and not B but it'll add more while you read it! Also, these friends or foes thing is played out really well in this book and it's even important after everything the DOD told us! Keep in mind that some friends are foes and some foes are friends because hello... that ENDING THOUGH! 

The ending will really punch you into tomorrow! The book, characters like the DOD and others have told us so much. Some might be lies, some might be truths but you'll never know the real truth until you get to that ending. And when you do... things are going to look like you want to throw out the book, scream and take it back and finish it so you can start in Opposition. Honest to the Book Gods, this ending was the best one yet because there are still so many questions and many arise while you're reading the final part in Origin. You will not believe this...

Holly hell, this book. Once again Jennifer L. Armentrout knows how to capture us by the heart and pull us in! This book really concentrates on the enemy and makes you infiltrate in their base. Trust will be hard to find in this book because readers will be in constant fear of who is a friend and who is  foe which can create a very suspicious feeling within the reader. New characters will make their appearance and old ones will be vanishing, leaving a mark on your heart where they once were. And be ready for a book full of action, fighting, surviving by yourself and getting out to finally breath... or not? Because the plot has a few surprises up its sleeve and the reader will be shocked when all of that starts having consequences. I absolutely recommend Origin, just as all the other books this one is just fantastic! You'll fall in love once again with the characters, the surprises will leave you breathless and that ending... Jennifer L. Armentrout knows how to do it! An absolute recommendation!

I'll burn the world down to save her.” 

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