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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Catching Fire (book VS movie)

Finally! Yes, I guess you can say that. I started the second book in the Hunger Games-trilogy in February and I only finished it now. It's just... I couldn't get into the story that fast, then followed a reading slump and therefore other books got between me and the book until now! I took it in my hands again and finished it in two days. 

This is going to be a slightly different review though. I found it really hard to make a review for the first book The Hunger Games and therefore I thought that I should do something different so I could make a review but without having a hard time! That's why I decided I'm going to compare it to the movie and tell which one I like better. For the ones that didn't read the Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, I recommend not reading on and read the review I did on the first book.

Last year around not only one tribute survived, this time there were two. Katniss and Peeta travel through the districts on their Tour but are closely watched. Some people don't buy what has happened in the arena last year and put Katniss to the test.
Under the eyes of the president, Katniss tries everything to make them believe. But things don't always go as planned, especially when the rebellions are starting to rise in the districts. As a punishment the Quarter Quell invites tributes out of the winners pool and that means Katniss is in for another round of the games and the pure torture.  
This time only one is leaving and she's betting everything on Peeta. 

First off I want to say that even though I wasn't into the book from the start, I did still really enjoy it. But because I was not into the first 100 pages, I decide to skip that part in the comparison because obviously, I don't remember a lot of that. 

What I do, already, want to tell is that I liked the book more than I did the movie. Although both were absolutely fantastic and I think we can agree that the producers made a very good job on the book translation. It's just so that the book gives you way more than the movie does. The thoughts of Katniss aren't told in the movie and that's a pity because she's got plenty. We can only guess what she's thinking by watching her expression and her reactions but I think those aren't as reliable because you're never sure. For me, her personal thoughts were something I was great fan of. It gives more dimension to this character and makes her more dynamic. 

It's not just only the thoughts that I wouldn't have mind to have in the movie but also just the little things. I mean the book has so much more story, while the movie obviously obsesses more with the games, which are important but still. The dress picking for example, I was such a fan of that part because it told so much about the current relation between Katniss and president Snow. The game he was playing with her and the tensions between them. 

There's also much more action they leave out of the movie, there's a section in the book where Katniss is stuck at the other end of the power line but the movie doesn't say a thing about it and that's so sad. It leads to so much more thrill and anticipation, to my opinion. 

Speaking of more thrill and anticipation two other things that were great in the book, but were left away in the movie are the meeting with the two girls that are going to District 13 and the whole Avox situation. Can I say that when I read these parts, I was absolutely excited? Not that it's something to be excited about I mean these are big deals but really... It's now that we get a lead to the third book! How can they not put it into the movie? I thought this was such an exciting event that just awakens the curiosity... Above that this information about District 13 is really important and creates the story partly.

And the Avox situation was sheer torture but wouldn't it have been amazing to see in the movie? It's this that puts so much more pressure on Katniss and shows again how bad the capitol is. This would've been yet another perspective, next to the games, to show the darkness of the capitol and its true face. It's a great asset to the book and a shame that the movie didn't use it. So those are two other reasons why I like the book better.

Secondly the changes, with all books that turn into a movie comes the moment where they decide to change things. The first thing that I noticed that was changed was the fact that Katniss was more open to have allies. Did I like this version better? Not really. The book keeps up with her character. Katniss is known to be stubborn and she keeps stubborn in the book, while in the movie we see a sudden change in her behavior. I just wasn't so fond of her change, I like her stubbornness because it accentuates her willpower and courage. 

Another thing that changed was in the arena... suddenly almost everyone could swim. The book tells us this is not the case, even Peeta can't and therefore just stands and waits. Do I like this version better? Partly. I did enjoy it in the book that many were helpless and needed saving but it's also more thrilling that they all can swim in the movie. It brings more thrill and you start wondering if they'll make it out alive since everyone rushes into the water to collect the weapons. While you know in the book, they're going to be fine since everyone stands there on their platforms waiting. 

Talking about partly liking a scene better, let's talk about the moment with the Jabberjays. I loved this part better in the movie. I think it's because I could really hear them scream and shout and also because I could really see it: how Peeta was, how Finnick reacted to them and so on. I just felt better watching it than reading it because it brought me more emotions because I could really visualize it. 

Another thing I noticed is that I feel like the book has a better vision on Katniss and Peeta. I'm all pro these two... and the moments they share in the book are worth dying for, right?! But the movie gave me the feeling that it focused rather more on Prim. It's not that I don't like Prim, I do but I love Peeta so I wished the beautiful, lovely, addictive moments between Peeta and Katniss were shown more in the movie. But you can't have it all right? 

What I did get in the movie was more Effie! In the first review I mentioned that I absolutely adore her and the movie gave me again more Effie than the book did. I'm hoping the third one will give me more of her than I've had in the first two books. I mean, she's so eccentric but it really makes me happy. So don't spoil me with telling me if there's more Effie or not but pray with me that I'm lucky and have more of her! I'll let you guys now if there's enough of Effie or not when I come to the third book!

And if there's a last thing I want to mention it's the dress Cinna made. I'm not going to complain about anything because both book and movie give such a good impression of it. And that's really what I wanted to mention... that dress! It's absolutely stunning right? I mean... Wauw. When I read the book, I didn't remember how it went down in the movie but I re-watched the movie and then I saw it and I was still stunned. Both book and movie made me feel very happy about the dress. 

I guess it's obvious that in my opinion there are more pro's towards the book than the movie. Overall both book and movie are really good and I also really enjoyed it. There are just parts I rather see the movie-version, parts where I rather have the book-version and the latter was the reaction I had most. Even though I had a hard time to get into the book, I still give it a 4.5 stars on Goodreads because it had so many things that surprised me, the characters are still as amazing as in the first book and the new characters made me laugh or get emotional a lot. And I think many will agree with me. Which one did you like better: the book or the movie? 

"She survived the Hunger Games. Now the Capitol wants revenge."

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