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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Handmade gift for a booklover | DIY

As the month of December has finally arrived to us, Christmas is right around the corner! Although I love the summer, I wouldn't turn down Christmas even though it's during the winter season. But with this all right around the corner there's something else that comes along with it... the perfect Christmas gift! 

As a bookaholic, booklover, book-however-you'd-love-to-call-me I'm not hard to please really when it comes to a gift: just give me a book. Yet when you're on a budget or look for something more personal than just a thing, I got an even better idea to gift to a booklover: a bookmark.

I mean, we've all been there with sticky notes, some paper or random coupons. Just admit it! It needs to end! I might be talking out of my own personal experience but I rather have a bookmark than a paper. After a while the paper either tears or it's suddenly gone so why not make this years Christmas a Christmas where you just sit down and make a bookmark for yourself OR for others.

Also, there's nothing more beautiful and sweet as getting a bookmark that's been handcrafted by someone you know. It's something they really invested time and thought in to make it the most wonderful of things for you and your book-loving-world

There are two ways to make your bookmark: on the computer and print it or really make it by hand. Either way is possible but if you're really into doing it by the latter option then you're at the right post. 

As many might already know my mom makes all sorts of things by hand: cards, mixed media projects,... but also bookmarks. Why? Because she got some crazy kid at home that is addicted to books and only buys books. All. The. Time. That's why. 

She also has a Youtube channel where she shows everyone how she made her stunning projects! This time she made a video about her showing how she makes these bookmarks. Not only one bookmark but two! So if you're interested in making this years present for a booklover all personal, I'd say go check it out! It might just give you the inspiration you need! I'll also put some pictures of other bookmarks my mother has made for me down here so you even got a few more examples and therefore more inspiration.

Next to bookmarks, as I already said, she also makes other handmade projects like tea boxes that are decorated, cards (maybe another idea for Christmas?), tags and much more. I'll put all her information down below and make sure to go check it out! 

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Back in January she also put up a blogpost on her blog about another bookmark she has made. If you're also curious to seeing that one you can find the post HERE.

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