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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

New Moon | Audiobook

A little while back, I tried out the first in a series that I had always told myself you will not read it! Yet I haven't been able to resist and although I had my remarks on it, I still wanted to read the rest of the series so that's what I did! I picked up the audiobook of New Moon by Stephenie Meyer and enjoyed this one a lot more than Twilight!

Note: This is not a first in a series, I highly recommend you not to read any further since this is the second book in the series and further developments have been made. If you're interested in the series and haven't read the first story, I have a review on Twilight HERE!

Bella's life is all about Edward Cullen. Now she knows what he is it's even harder for her to stay away. Edward saved Bella once, but not all danger is gone and the more he realizes she's in danger, the more he's turning away from her. Bella is left with a broken heart over Edward's behavior and comfort comes from a very unexpected corner. But is everything how it looks like?

First I'd really love to talk about Bella because I finally know how I feel about her! In my review of Twilight I wrote that I wasn't really sure how to feel about her, but I do now! I like her! It might be because Edward Cullen is less around her side or it might just be the fact that she grew up and didn't overreact as much as she did in the first book. I feel like she behaves herself a lot more mature and that's something I really appreciated about her. 

Above that, Bella is torn over Edward Cullen who is trying acting weird and that causes her to make changes in her life. It isn't about Edward all the time and that made this character also a lot more pleasant. Bella will sort out her feelings after a while and her feelings were so relatable when you're torn over someone that I could also really feel with her. She'll get stronger and more determined in a mature way and not in a childish one. She really feels like a whole other character, one that I appreciate a lot more and also grew a lot more than Bella in Twilight.

As for Edward, of course I still like him. Just as in the review on Twilight he still finds his way toward my heart and I won't be sorry about that! Once again he shows us how mature he can be, and his little childish moments he had in Twilight will also disappear; which I'm grateful for. I felt like in New Moon we saw even a lot more how protective he is over Bella in a less over-romantic way. I really love this protectiveness of Edward in a tender and sweet way instead of the cliche way we saw it in the first book. And just in general, I really love this character for his protectiveness and kindness. 

However this book made a lot more room for other, new, characters to come in and present themselves, something I was very happy about! First of all, I'd like to talk about Charlie. I just adore this character so much and I'm so happy that in this book he was more present. Charlie is a bit like Edwards but then in a different way, he's protective of Bella but makes it seem like that in the little ways which I appreciated a lot. He's very down to earth but a character that's funny and is just really enjoyable! Sometimes he's also so unknowing which made him even funnier. 

As for a character we saw briefly in Twilight, there's Jacob! Also this character was one that I was really happy to see more of because he adds so much to the story. He's different from Edward, he's less stiff and more outgoing but in a sweet way. He'll also take care of her which is another trait in this character that will be loved by readers. Other than that this character really gives more to the story as he'll be very important and is just a very good friend to Bella which made me appreciate him even more. I feel like the movies made him seem so hateful and not good enough, but in the books he's way different (at least that's what my opinion is).

Now the plot was also a whole new thing. Twilight focused on discovering what the Cullens were and the possible danger that comes along with it. This danger that comes with the Cullens will be the first focus point in the book. I really loved to see this part because otherwise it only seems like they were untouchable. Stephenie Meyer really made it clear that danger comes from all different corners and not just the ones you expect. 

This all leads to the protectiveness that Edward brings as he decides this danger is not what he wants from Bella. I did think he'd become protective but what follows was something I don't really feel was something many would see coming, this isn't anything predictable. Of course if you've seen the movies it is predictable but this was one of the movies I absolutely loathed so I don't remember too much of it. That of course sets everything into motion, Bella is sad because he's being like this and she turns to new friends: Jacob.

New Moon brings such a very nice friendship and bond between the characters, it's really something to appreciate and also something that's really relatable. Of course it isn't full of action but it did make us see more about the characters and their interests which I think is an asset to the book.

However for everyone who thinks this would be boring because there is no action, hold up! There is! Things seem solved after Twilight, the bad guy is gone but does it really mean it's solved? Above that certain things will start to seem weird and not as they first seemed to be. New things will come out of the dark and present themselves. This is a bit cryptic, I know and I also bet half of you know what it is but I like to stay not-suggestive for the ones that don't know. These unsolved problems and new things that are looming around will make sure that the reader, next to all the loss and the new friendship, will get mystery and action into the story. The author made a very good balance between this new mystery and the new friendship in the plot! 

Which brings me to the feelings, the first book in the series was very cliche and had me rolling my eyes so much. The romance was just too much and too thick but New Moon really changes all that. There will be place for friendship, loss, funny parts but of course there's still romance. I'm really happy that the romance is much tender and sweeter instead of the over-romantic-eye-rolling-cliche

Lastly, when we finally know what's going on everything will turn upside down! Bella might be acting as if she's alright but she still feels the ache and that makes her a bit crazy which then causes everyone to get a minor heart attack because every crazy thing she does, has consequences... I'm not going to get into details though (but yet again, most of you already know...). That's yet another thing that I appreciated in this book, when you think it's all okay and well it turns out to be different than what you expected! 

A little note for everyone who did see the films but did not read the books: you need to read them. Although the movie really shows a lot of things that happen in the book, I felt like the ending had a lot more to give in the book than in the movie! So if I can make a suggestion: read the books! Although my review on the first book wasn't too good, I have to say New Moon really surprised me by turning out a lot more different than I had expected!

I enjoyed this book far better than Twilight! Even though some characters don't come around as much as I wished them to, other and new characters get a chance to present themselves and to further develop during the story. The mystery towards the other creature in this series and their influence in the story was also something I really enjoyed to see. And of course there are things from the first book that return because they weren't solved, bringing a whole new portion of action and wonder! I also found this book far less cliche and over-romantic which can only be another asset in my opinion! I'm really looking forward to the next book in the series and to seeing the adventure with Edward and Bella!

“Forbidden to remember, terrified to forget; it was a hard line to walk.”

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