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Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden

Finally, I'm going to review my all time favorite not-paranormal, not-angel-like, not-goddess-like book! This is one of my favorite authors, well I only have like 2 big favorite authors and she's one of them. I wanted to talk about this book forever but it's been a while, around February 2015 since I read it. It's still my all time favorite in this category though! And it's a series which made it even better, I could keep reading about them and love them more... I'm talking about this book: The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden by Jessica Sorensen.

For us, our home means safety, Kayden doesn't feel safe in his own house. He's suffering in silence and hoping that's the only way to survive. One misstep will mean the worst, one misstep could be his end. One day that end came very close but his savior was even closer... 

On her twelfth birthday her luck ended, everything was taken from her. Hoping it would never happen again, Callie turns her whole life upside down. She no longer wants to feel, she wants the pain to stop. Now, six years later, she continues to struggle with the painful secret that threatens to consume her.

When fate brings them at the same college, Kayden wants to get to know his savior who changed his destiny. Callie still fears that everyone will take advantage, even Kayden. Despite her ignorance, Kayden tries to be a part in her life and then realizes that this time, Callie needs to be saved... 

The first time I saw this cover I was hypnotized, I found it so stunning! I had heard so many things about this book, positive parts but also negative parts. The negative mainly said that there was a lot of sexual tension in this book and that it wasn't appropriate for Young Adult. So I began my own investigation to find out how people felt about it and the ones that I asked told me that it isn't like that. 

Of course other people I asked said that there was a part where the characters are that intimate but that it didn't really bothered them and really enjoyed the story. That really got me over the line to get the book and I'm so glad that I did. I was very happy about the outcome for all different reasons but let's just start with the characters!

The first, and for me, most important character is Callie. Something horrible happened at her 12th birthday, something she can't recover from. Ever since that day she has closed off her world for others to see. She wears the ugliest clothes that make her look big and neglected, she even had cut off her hair. Nobody really knows what made her change, and eventually everybody decided to stay away and defriend her. 

Callie is one of those girls that doesn't find a way out and feels really insecure about herself but also about the world around her. She feels as if everybody is going to be horrible because of that one person. Basically one ruined it for all of them out there! I really felt with her because of how she's feeling. We get to see a lot of her emotions throughout the book and also her doubts towards many characters. She doesn't trust like she used to, she is very introverted and shy. With those things I could really connect with this character!

The one that really helps her with her insecurities and tries to get her out of her shell is a side character. I wouldn't see this one as a side character because I feel like he has a big impact on her and does come into view various times. Seth is the one that changes her and makes her try a lot of different things once they met each other at college. It's not that Callie just has a change of heart and trusted him, he has his own dark secrets and inner demons that's why they have bonded over the summer. 

I really liked Seth because he mainly lightened the mood and really fulfilled his duty as a best friend. He was always there for her and made sure she started to trust again and to be her beautifully self. He also does that in a very special way, they make a list that they need to do and that also has some impact on the plot. So that's why I see him more as a main character than a side character! I really loved him and was fond that he was around.

The other important character was our dear Kayden. Kayden seems as if he's got it all figured out as if he's the man. He seems popular, he could get girls if he wanted to, for short he seems rather happy and okay. Though also he has his own secrets and wants to escape all the danger. 

As I already said he tries to find a place where he doesn't need to do what he's told and doesn't need to be scared. One night Callie also saves him for what seems his end. The night is also retold through their eyes which I was happy about because it's a big thing to know. It's how they met and how Kayden got so determined to get to know Callie. Now he's in college the danger doesn't seem very close and that's why he seems more free. 

What I liked about Kayden was that he was the most realistic. Nowadays many teenagers pretend as if they're all fine but deep inside they're breaking down and that's how Kayden is represented. He's very realistic and also someone I could really connect with! Now he has his duty to fulfill which is getting to know Callie and that makes him think about more positive things. It makes him happy because he finds a distraction. 

Though nothing is really alright, which brings me to the plot of the story, this time Kayden feels like our Callie needs saving. The further you read into the book the more you'll understand about what's going down and what might happen (again). Let's say that all danger isn't averted and both will need each other really badly. 

Of course their relationship will grow, I think that's kind of clear because of Kaydens stubbornness to find out more about Callie. The characters will have major changes but so will the plot! It's nothing fast paced but you'll feel like something is going to happen while hoping it isn't going to be something bad. 

If you think this is a very sad and emo-book, it isn't. Of course it's about sad teenagers with their secrets and problems, their inner demons but it's so much more! This book and all the books I've read by Jessica Sorensen are about teens with problems but also about how to get stronger. This is the main subject and moral about these books, it's how they find a way to live with it or to make it bearable. How they find others that are alike and how together they find a way out. I wouldn't say it's an emotional book on level of sadness at all, it's more about the many friendships that come and the brighter future that's near.

I don't want to go too detailed in it because then I'll spoil so much fun but I do want to tell you guys that it's really good! The plot never felt boring to me, I kept excited about it and there were many parts that I was so hyped about! The ending also made sure I wanted to read the next two books because it's a special ending, not a normal one that I can tell! 

I remember that I came down screaming because of the end and told my whole family about what had happened AND that I needed the next book directly, as in right now! Also the second and third book didn't disappoint me at all which is a good thing! Ever since that book my collection of Jessica Sorensen has been growing... 

I already told you guys about the special list you'll read more of it in the book itself, well every beginning of the chapter there's one thing that stands on the list. In the beginning I was confused about what it really was but once I got what it meant, I felt like it was a nice and simple thought to add to this book. So totally a fan of those!

It's actually a series of 7 books, I did made a little mistake in the order because I read all of Callie and Kayden first but then one book already spoils things for the other books in the series. Do I recommend the other books in those series? Absolutely. We get a trilogy about the best friend of Kayden which was really good but very different from this one. Different in a way that Kayden is more "lovable and calm" and Luke is more strong and you'd think he has an ego but that all changes, that makes it really interesting! And as far as I can remember, all the scenes were new and not repetition. 

The last book in this series is about my lovely Seth and about his secrets and problems! I really liked it because it retold you how Seth and Callie have met which was a very nice surprise. It does have many repetitions of scenes which was a little bit a downer for me but I still enjoyed the new parts! 

I do recommend this book to absolutely anybody, don't let the negative comments stop you from reading this book! I really enjoyed it even though many said the sexual tension wasn't bearable in it. This type of genres is really something à la Jessica Sorensen, if you don't like it, I don't really recommend you to read the other books because they handle the same topics. 

If you do want to try out another book about her, even though this one wasn't the bomb, then I recommend the story about Luke or 'Breaking Nova' because it's another series of her. But this is really the first book I'd recommend from her because it's my number 1!

“In the existence of our lives, there is a single coincidence that brings us together and for a moment, our hearts beat as one.” 

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