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Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Finally! I got my hands onto a book that I wanted for ages but could never find in any of my bookstores: "out of stock" situation! Yet finally, I got around it and ordered the book: Existence by Abbi Glines, and I feel so happy to have it! Although I did feel a bit disappointed by it and really hope the other books are better!

Pagan isn't any normal girl, aside from going to school and doing homework she sees things nobody else sees. And she shouldn't be able to see the things she sees: souls. None of the souls give her any attention, and she doesn't give them any attention either. One day, that all changes when one of them starts staring at her and eventually starts talking to her. Trying to ignore him, Pagan can't do anything else but start getting attached to the soul. But he is nowhere near a soul... 

First of all, Pagan Moore. As already mentioned above, Pagan sees souls. I really had expected Pagan to be a bit more stressed out about this and to want to find out why she can see them. However, this character feels like it's completely normal and just ignores the souls as a solution. I don't really feel happy about that, because it doesn't really give any mystery to her ability, however I do feel as if that's something unique. Many characters in books that I have read and have a special ability really stress out about it and wonder, this gives Pagan a more unique side. Yet I can't help but want that mystery around her ability which I lacked in her personality.

Other than that I really enjoyed this character, she stood up for herself through all the madness. She's a girl with a lot of spirit! She says no when she feels like it, and she does what she really likes. Yet when she's finally doing so well, she often disappointed me by becoming the needy and judgmental kind of girl. A side I rather not see in her! 

As for her the spirit she comes to see and starts talking to, now that's what I call mystery! The book describes him as a very handsome guy but also as a very relaxed one, and one that likes to get the blood from under Pagan's nails. I can't help but love books where boys behave like that: tempered but still soft and also this soul is like that. Readers will really be pulled into the story because of him and because he also speaks in cryptic messages from time to time. Yet his personality also has the soft side, as I already mentioned, and that soft side will melt us from time to time. I really loved this soul, he probably is my favorite in the whole story because of his character and the mystery he brings!

One other character I really want to discuss is Leif, a very popular guy in the book. Pagan really judges him from the start and the arguments she brings do make us fend for her side. Yet I am really happy that the book made time to let us explore Leif and see what's really going on with this guy. He might be popular but I really loved this character as well, he's very calm and very funny which made an awesome personality that's swoon worthy! However, get ready for more exploring this character because I feel like he will be important in the next few books. 

Now the plot, I kind of was disappointed with the plot. Everything starts out so good: the mysterious soul that talks, getting to know our characters, getting to know the environment. But as I already has mentioned: Pagan isn't really concerned by her seeing the souls and the reason behind it. I felt like that really really ruined part of the plot, the author really left out a part where I think I could have learned so much more about the creatures into the book. We will find out more about them, but the mystery really was lacking. 

However, that is made up by her getting attached to the soul that won't go away. I was keen on seeing how she would act towards it and how she would get rid of it or how she would bring it into her life and handle it. This was something very tender and sweet that I did enjoy from time to time, but sometimes Pagan became so needy (this more towards the end) which then again ruined it a bit in my opinion. 

To every soul is a story, or so I'd like to describe it because the soul she can't get rid of will bring mystery. Thank the Bookgods! After a little while, the plot will make the soul something different, something special and I was really excited about that because finally there was thrill! And when Pagan realized that, she finally started doing her research. Although I found it a bit superficial at times, I did still managed to enjoy it and wonder what was going on. 

And there is more going on than I had first expected, people are coming after Pagan without any reason to. Although that's what we think together with the main character, but once again the soul brings mystery with it and he. knows. more. I'm really happy that the author decided to mix this in because it did give us some action in the story next to the tender and sweet moments. 

Lastly, I'd like to point out that the book is rather fast paced which I think is a negative side because it gives us less time to explore this new world and made us jump from one thing to another. And the ending was also rather rushed! This rushing is really a pity because it should've created a lot more mystery and suspicion for the next book, but it lacked in this department. It did menage to give the reader a satisfying ending though! 

I know it sounds really negative, but I did really enjoy it. The sweet and tender parts and the getting to know characters better was really nice. Also after a while, the suspense and mystery comes so that's a great thing, but I was disappointed and had expected a lot more. I did see that the following books are a lot better rated so I'm still looking forward to the rest of the series, especially because this ending was a cliffhanger!

I have to say I fairly enjoyed the book but really hope that the rest of the series will be better. The thing that made me enjoy it less was the fact that the main character, who sees souls, doesn't really question it a lot and when she becomes attached to ones she still doesn't really ask what's going on. At all. Also I felt like the story skipped from one subject to another on a very rapid pace. 
That aside, I really did enjoy the characters and the story around it enough to really be willing to read the next book as we are left with a very important question at the ending that maybe should've been presented a bit more tragic and thrilling, but sounds very intriguing for the next book! 

"He's about to break all the rules."

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