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Wednesday, October 4, 2017


I can't believe I'm here with another review about a last in a series. It seems to me that I'm ending a lot of them on a short time. This time it's the end of a series that's been on my to be read-list forever. By now you all know how long it was on that shelf and how hard it was for me to get them into my possession. Even though the first book did disappoint me, the rest of the series really surprised me and made me swoon! Another last in a series: Ceaseless by Abbi Glines.

 WARNING For the ones here that haven't read the first in this series, I recommend you not to read on since there will be further developments to the characters and to the plot. This will create a less pleasant read of Ceaseless because you know more information than you already should. Therefore, I recommend you not to read the review of Ceaseless but to read the review about the first in the series: Existence. If you're interested in the second book, Predestined, I also wrote a review about that book. Just clicking on the title will open a new page with the review on the first book.

Meeting death and fighting Voodoo spirits was nothing compared to what Pagan will have to go through now. Pagan lost all the memories of her time with Dank Walker, not remembering who he is or why she fell in love with him. Dank is left miserable, watching Pagan act as if her life hasn't changed at all. He has never felt so alone as he does now. As if feeling this isn't enough, Pagan's real soulmate is back, trying to get her attention. They complete each other's destiny and are meant to be. Knowing this Dank only has one mission left: make Pagan choose him over her soulmate. If he can make her fall again for him and make her pick him, he'll get to keep her once again. The only question is, who will Pagan pick: Death or her soulmate?

Dear book gods this is one heck of a ride! I absolutely enjoyed this book so much. Especially because of the plot, but let's first talk about the character's a bit. Starting with Dank this time because holy alien babies everywhere I adore him! Especially in Ceaseless we'll see the fight and insecurities of Dankmar and how can we not love this? The last two books really show off how Death is Death and everyone fears him and how strong he is and protective. Now he has lost something he loves and it brings out all the insecurities he has. This time he's on his knees to whatever power made this happen and Death isn't as terrifying anymore. 

This is once again another side of Dank that we get to see and really deepens his character even in book 3! Even though he's having a lot of insecurities, we'll also see how far he's willing to go to fight for who he loves. It's absolutely a nice twist to his character to see how he is terrified of something and has to work harder to get to something. The last two books really concentrated on Dank being Death and how he's indestructible and this time there might be something to get him on his knees, defeated. How his character evolves and how he'll suffer and work with his insecurities is amazingly written. However I absolutely loved the fight he gave during this book and how much effort he did. It really shows us who we fell in love with in Existence and who we absolutely can't resist. A very swoon-worthy character that has deepened through the trilogy: from being Death to being a guy who isn't terrifying at all. 

As for our lovely Pagan, this is so strange. Her character still is the same, however we see so many changes. For one there's a change with her ability (I can't tell more because spoilers!) and two hello, she lost her memories! I can't believe this is actually happening. However her memory loss won't affect her personality at all and I really loved that. Pagan still is the person who shows strength and will step up when she needs to. This time her heart is the focus and her head really messes with her, which brings encounters where she's feeling a little lost and lonely like Dank is feeling. I absolutely adored to see how this character will choose a path to follow without realizing what's at stake, but at the same time she doesn't know what she'll be losing or missing so why should she realize it. This character has always showed the best of herself and even now, with her memory loss it doesn't change. Still, she'll be up for quiet the challenge without even knowing it. I want to tell so much more about this character but feel like I can't because the littlest thing might spoil things. So forgive me for my little paragraph about Pagan, but hey you'll have a better read because of it! 

Now the plot! I really enjoyed this book because of the plot, although I have a few remarks. First off, I have to say the book really starts abruptly. There's no indication that something has happened to Pagan and the readers will have to find out that she's suffering from memory loss. I think that was something that I enjoyed less. You just fell into the book and was left without any information to what, who, where and why. I think I would have enjoyed the beginning of the book better if there was more information on it or if the book started with Dank who explained things.

I do have to admit that not knowing why she's suffering from this memory loss is very mysterious and also adds to readers their curiosity. That is something that I see as a very positive element of the story. It's only as you read further that things are told and explain why this happened and I loved that Abbi Glines made us guess to what must have happened to Pagan. However I still wished that we knew why this happened in the first place. Therefore I can conclude that the memory loss is a bit double: I wished there was more of an prologue to it so we were lead into the new story better instead of having to find out ourselves. Then again the mystery that comes with it is absolutely fantastic and highly enjoyable.

Another aspect that I love in this book is the fact that Pagan is going to be in a conflict: her soulmate or death? Our main character doesn't know that the one person is her soulmate and that the other is Death. To her those are just two guys, both fighting for her attention. Then add the jealousy of Dank Walker, his effort and his miserable behavior and you're in for a ride full of emotions but also swoon-worthy moments. I really love how for the last book there is this conflict and we'll really see who's meant to be. It was very thrilling and yet emotional to see all of this turn out the way it did. If anything this part of the story also really gives us the feels we've all been waiting on.

Another and last remark I want to point out is that I wish Ceaseless incorporated more of the past two books. I feel like this is important because it really makes the characters who they are in the next book in a series. Although a little part of the Voodoo Spirit came back, I didn't think it was nearly enough to get full closure on Predestined in Ceaseless. This story more felt like a one-book-story and not as if it fit into a series. I think if more elements of Existence and Predestined were incorporated more and this story had more of a prologue that connected with elements from past books, this would have been even better. I'm not saying that it isn't a good plotline because of it, because the whole idea of Death losing what he finally got back is really intriguing and something I had never expected in a last book of a series.

One thing I did see incorporated and loved is the fact that there have been certain changes with Pagan and the Pagan we saw in the first book. This also provides us answers that connects all three books which also brings this series to a wonderful end. Speaking of the end... I was surprised with how things ended due to the surprising element I had never thought would be told. I know it's pretty vague, but once you read it you'll remember what I said here!

To complete this review all I want to say is: this was amazing! I have to say I'm so relieved I read this series after all, because damn I would have missed out. Even though I feel like this one might be a little bit more corny than the others, I absolutely adored it. The characters once again will have to suffer through things that this time around isn't as easy as a Voodoo Spirit. Talking about Voodoo Spirits I am a little disappointed that the book didn't reopen that part. I feel like Ceaseless is a total new story where the last two books aren't processed in too much... which I think is a little silly because they are supposed to be the past that made the characters who they are now. 
Another remark I have concerning this book is that the beginning was very abrupt. You really fell into the story and had to find out for yourself what the heck was going on, while it was already unrolling in front of us. However this also made sure that the intensity of mystery was very high in the book. So it's a double feeling! Once we do know what's going on though, we're in for a swoon story with so many feelings it was hard not to get addicted to it. A very special twist to the overall story, I had never expected for the last book to go as it went. The problem that's sketched is very unique in my opinion and played out very well! A successful last book in a series.

“What if she never remembers?"

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