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Sunday, April 30, 2017


"It's over. Finally, I relaxed against him and closed my eyes. It was over." Except for the fact that this book series is over, I am not relaxed and pressed against Daemon. It's time to face reality, there's no hot and overprotective alien guy living next door and I'll never recover from that either. This series is inside me, everyone, it's in my blood... I can't believe it's over. WHY? This is one of those series that should never end. Like never. Opposition by Jennifer L. Armentrout, the last book in this series... it pains me to say that.

NOTE: as mentioned above, this is the last book in a series. Everything has very much evolved from book one, Obsidian, until now. If you haven't read any of the books or have not advanced far enough to catch up with this book, I highly recommend NOT to read on since everything is developed to the end of this series! I did wrote reviews on the books before this: 

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Earth is coming to an end. Ever since the strange lights came down to earth, everything has gone wrong. Daemon and his family are nowhere to be found and that makes Katy worry. Together with Archer and Luc, they take care of Beth who's also been left by herself since the aliens struck down on earth. When Katy gets into the hands of the Luxen, she and the family Black are reunited but we're all in for a surprise. Who's side are they on? And in this battle of world domination: who's your friend? Sometimes, the enemy seems like a better friend than you ever could imagine...

Yes, I am still in tears ever since paragraph one. Can I just please take a holiday to the planet of Luxen? I need to find a Daemon Black okay? I need to be able to let this go, and I will after I have a Daemon... Honestly, if my family will read this, they're going to place me in a closed institution for book junkies like me. I am not crazy okay? Just give me what I want! 

I want this series to never ever stop.

Okay, get yourself together. Can I just explain how I feel for Daemon and Katy? They finally got out of the claws of the DOD and now they're parted again? Because of some stupid aliens that come down to earth? YES! Daemon and the rest of his family are being called towards them and that's so surprising. I never thought he'd leave Katy's side ever again! Yet the author loves to surprise us... I really couldn't believe that happened. If you thought all danger was done for them and they'd live the happily ever after? Think again because Opposition is going to rip all of your happily ever after dreams for them to shreds like they never existed. Once again their relationship will be tested and it's going to please all of us. Believe me!

But in this review I actually wanted to get more into detail about Luc and Archer now we know what they are and who they are! Can I just first explain how much I love these two? I fell in love with Archer's hidden nice and cute side and I fell in love with Luc because he's such a smartass, young and funny little guy! 

First of Archer, who had thought that he would be one of the good guys? I did! But that's because I was re-reading the book. Anyway, I remember that when it all came out and he was one of the good ones I was shocked into tomorrow. His hidden nice side is just amazing, he worries for everyone even if he doesn't know them that well and it's just fantastic. I feel like this is one of those newer characters, one's personality that isn't reflected on the others. With that I really mean that I feel like he doesn't has the positivity of Dee, or the arrogance and protectiveness of Daemon, not the stay cool and be friendly of Dawson. Hell, not even the determination as Katy or the smart-ass comments of Luc. Archer is just one of those characters that's going to great lengths but very down to earth, he's his own personality. It's going to be hard to get through him, to find out what's going on inside of him all the while you know he's worried about everyone. 

I really was keen on this character because he hid so much for us and it was just a pleasure to unravel more of him in Opposition. He might be down to earth, very hidden about everything but I do feel like readers will get to know him a bit more during this book. That's a good thing though because he's also one of my favorite characters in this book... Who isn't? Probably Blake. Anyway, without telling us much it still feels as if we know more about him and that's a pretty talent for a character. 

As for Luc, oh God I just adore this guy so much I wish he was real. Keep in mind that I want every character in this book to be real. He's just so special that it's almost heart wrenching! Although he's a smart-ass and has a lot of power, he keeps everything that's happening so light. His humor, snappy but hilarious comments are just to die for and that made this character also one of the best ones. When everything's going down the wrong way, he'll help out and still be funny which was highly appreciated with me and probably will be appreciated by you, the next reader! But not everything is known about this character and we'll get to see a glimpse of a side that I never expected to see which was also a great asset. It gave more light onto Luc and made my appreciation even bigger. Readers will be able to enjoy this character because he's so funny and is different than what he seems to be.

I would not turn down a sequel with any of these two and if my brain is working alright, I think a sequel in one of these two's perspectives might come this way: 

At that moment my brain blew and I was so excited I wrote this as a comment: 
@Bookangels: WHAT VITAL PIECE OF INFORMATION AM I MISSING HERE?? Someone please tell me what's going on? Is there a title I'm not yet aware of?? 

Yes someone tell me what vital piece am I missing? I mean I've searched for a title but I didn't find one... A bit later the author, Jennifer L. Armentrout wrote this in the comments...

@Authorjlarmentrout: Well, quote is not from Archer, so it obvs not him. I also don't have plans to write about him. His story has already been showed, along with Dee.
HELLO this mean a LUC STORY? You can imagine how happy I was after that... can't you guys?

That said, we'll be moving on to the plot. Holly alien luxen babies there's an invasion taking place. That already rouses up a lot of feelings with the readers: excitement for all of this and the fear because important characters suddenly disappear and we will not know what's going on until Katy is brought back to them. What I did notice is that we'd probably be left in the dark a bit longer if there wasn't a chapter with Deamon's perspective before Katy came to the core of what was actually happening. I feel like the author left that opportunity to keep us a bit longer in that questionable area, nevertheless was it very thrilling to now infiltrate in a colony of Aliens instead of infiltrating with the DOD. 

During this infiltration, that's rather short if you ask me, we do receive more information that leaves us in thrill and waiting for clear answers which is a great thing about the book. Even after all these books you'd be amazed by how many secrets and lies will be revealed that you start wondering if you slept through half of the books because how could you NOT KNOW THIS? And when we do finally receive some answers, the car is going upside down and a very unexpected someone turns up to bring in some action and maybe even help out. 

Readers will be in shock during this read because this time it's all about who is the enemy? We'll be tossed and turned from one to another, knowing better than to trust anyone. After all, the books told us not to be so obvious. I really thought that was well thought of during this book and Katy will also make a very clear statement of how it all works with enemies and friends when she lectures a piece of our history. The resemblances are striking! 

And do keep in mind, sometimes your enemies are the closest thing you got to a friend.

Doesn't that sound thrilling? And speaking of thrilling, the plot is more than that! This time around, the author has decided not to spare us with surprising twists and unforgettable moments in this series. Although I think Daemon and Katy had the worst times of making love to each other, it still surprised me how deep this story goes. Our hearts will not be spared at all and that's the thrilling part about it while you get into situations with the characters, that make you doubt everything you knew. Friends are foes, foes are friends and your entire world is tossed upside down. Ending this series with loss, love and a phenomenal ending all the while being fed with plot twists, Opposition will be left in your body for a long time after you read it.

And that's how it all ends, this review as well as this fantastic book series. I'm in tears. The emotions have been running high in this book, we've lost together with the characters, we've loved, we've fought and we have conquered. This book is a phenomenal ending to this series, making sure that everything comes full circle. The plot as well as the characters take surprising turns that make you wonder who the real enemy really is and if, after all, there is an enemy. You'll be driven insane until the last part and then get a heart attack because the author decided it was time for another one of this plot twists that wreck your heart. To conclude all, there's a heartbreaking (in a good way or bad way, who will tell?) Epilogue that makes you wish this was not the end. The end of it all. I absolutely recommend this series, I've felt so much during it and so much love and hate for the characters that it just created a great bond! I'm in tears, still am, even after re-reading this whole series and that... that means a lot...

Before I close this review, I'd like to point out that there are short stories about Katy and Daemon you can just read online! Such as "The Wedding" and "Daemon and Kat Go Halloween Costume Shopping", I'll link the Goodreads link HERE! If you click onto the book, you'll find a link in the description most likely and it'll make sure you can read it. Also there's Oblivion, the book that tells the first 3 books in Daemon's POV. The E-book version gives all 3, the physical copy only Obsidian which left me in tears once again. If I re-read the book, I will review it but it's also a big recommendation!
"They'll need each other to survive..."

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