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Wednesday, November 8, 2017


A very long time ago, I read this first in a series. I remember being so in love with this book and its cover that I also bought the second book to it already. In my review about the first book, I remember ending with something along the line of "I also read the second book already and am going to write the review right now". Hmm... I wonder where that review is now? For my birthday I got the third and fourth book in this series and I wanted to fresh up my thoughts by reading both reviews of book one and two, now I found the review of book one. I never found the review of book two... So I decided to reread this second book and bring the review after all: Focus by Alyssa Rose Ivy.

WARNING For the ones here that haven't read the first in this series, I recommend you not to read on since there will be further developments to the characters and to the plot. This will create a less pleasant read of Focus because you know more information than you already should. Therefore, I recommend you not to read the review of Focus but to read the review about the first in the series: Flight. Just clicking on the title will open a new page with the review on the first book.

Being a future wife of a secret society you know nothing about is hard. Having to work for college next to that is near impossible.
Allie finally starts her college years, but things have never seemed so hard than anything before. Being a fiancee to some creature and not knowing taking his ring would mean she was going to marry was something she never saw coming. It's one thing to be engaged, but it's a whole other when being engaged to the prince of the Society brings danger into her life. Already being kidnapped once, the odds do not seem to be in Allie's favour. Above that Levi is trying to win her trust back after the ring incident. Realizing the danger she's in and her feelings for Levi, Allie knows it's too late to turn back. 

This book. YES! I didn't remember a lot of it anymore so it's a great thing that I decided to reread this book and hell did I enjoy it! Let's start with the characters.

First of all there is Allie, her determination in Focus is unbelievably fascinating. In book one she was already recovering from a broken heart, now being engaged to someone without knowing she was going to be engaged is a whole new thing. Yet this is also something where we'll see that her heart is broken over. Her feelings for Levi were pretty clear in the first book and being deceived like this is something she never imagined. Her determination however to keep him at a distance and making him work for it is something I really admired with this character. She still knows how she feels, however we also really see the indecision in her personality. She loves him but knowing what he did, him lying to her and keeping her out of loop of who he is and what his intentions were with the ring really crushed her. This character will therefore be a very strong female character that's willing to be independent and making the guy work for it. 

I really enjoyed seeing how Allie was growing as a character and how she was so determined. We'll also really see how her feelings evolve through the story, especially once this whole situation makes sure she needs to go to events all the time and will have to leave school constantly. Her will to study is very big and seeing that she's now obligated to go to events of the Society with the man that deceived her but who she still has feelings for will therefore bring many problems and mixed feelings. 

Lastly about this character, we'll really see how she acts under pressure. Pretending to be Levi's mate will is one thing where we'll really see this character grow into the person she is at the end of the book, as well as her indecision of her feelings. Yet being the prince's mate will also cause her to be in danger. I enjoyed seeing how this character was while being under pressure once again. 

As for Levi, if there's one thing I really noticed is how sex obsessed he is. That was something I wished I saw less in him because the Levi who is sweet and caring also gets a place in this story and I just adored it. Levi is known for his cockiness and arrogance and overall I don't mind it that much, add the sex obsessed side to it and it begins to be doubtful if I like him that much.

But as I mentioned before we do get to see a sweeter side of him. One where he isn't that arrogant and to be very honest this side of him... it's so swoon-worthy! And this also effects our other main character which makes sure there's a certain dynamic that's absolutely outstanding! One side that's also really enjoyable to see in Levi is his jealousy because he gets jealous over the littlest things. It gets funny after a while! 

Overall these two will have a rough ride during the book. Especially because Allie is feeling very mixed about Levi and Levi still sees her as his. He sometimes is a little over-possessive which will bring heated moments between these two which readers will find very understandable. The thing between these two is that they do know how to give and take, both will sacrifice things for each other which made this relationship very balanced and readers will really want them to be in a relationship. They're just yin and yang! If these two will end up together is still the question...

As for the plot, I remember speaking of a very high pace in Flight. Here I felt like the pace was already lowered but still very fast. Especially when the danger is there. This book will really focus on Allie being Levi's mate, and him being the prince of this mysterious creatures world also means that he has enemies. 

These enemies will be after Allie to harm Levi. Whenever there was this danger or threat I felt like it was dealt with rather soon, which is a little disappointing if you ask me. The author could have gone crazy with it and really opened up this story to more of it if you ask me. The danger really works well with the overall theme of a protector, here being Levi, and the person who doesn't want to be dependent on the person who brought this crazy world in the first place, Allie. 

Other than the danger and the faster pace with it, the rest of the plot was highly enjoyable. Readers are going to be tortured! And I mean that in two ways. One kind of torture because you want these two to be together. The plot really makes room and time for Allie to gets things in order and to find out what she feels after the whole engagement disaster. Meanwhile we also see how Levi is working to earn her trust back and to make her fall in love with him once more. It really brings all sorts of situations which leads to my second way of torture.

The whole Levi being overprotective and Allie being so independent and determined to get him at a distance, will cause situations where Levi was one step ahead and blocked all guys for her. Making them know that she's with him and they need to stay away. This causes that all the guys stay away from Allie, including them staying away from her friends! Which then again causes fights that are just hilarious to live through because we know the meaning behind them. The feels are just all over the place! I absolutely loved how these two characters are and how they work together making this read funny and light. Add in some more information about the Society and the new creatures, the danger and the hierarchy and you come to a story that's amazing to read and has everything to enjoy it!

Concluding this I can say that I absolutely adore this book! The characters are just to die for, both having such strong personalities really brings some sparks into this story. Also the whole disaster that happened in Flight brings that these two have a lot to work out. With Allie being distant and very independent and Levi being very protective and wanting her back, these two bring encounters that are really enjoyable and funny to read. Add some danger into this all and you're in for a great story. My only remark is that the author could've extended the danger a lot more and if the pace wasn't as fast, we could've enjoyed it a lot more and feel the suspense. Overall, I absolutely think this book is swoon-worthy and over the top feelings that will leave the readers with a tortured heart that skips a beat. I can't wait for the next book!  

"Relationships aren't a democracy. Not everyone gets an equal vote."

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