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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Capering On Glass Bridges

A little while back, I received a YA Fantasy novel by a debut author for review. It's been a while since I've read a fantasy and I was glad to read this one! Although I do have a few remarks regarding the book, I did find it very unique and did enjoy it. Also the cover of Capering On Glass Bridges by Jessica Hernandez is absolutely stunning.

Send by the Utdrendans, a group of strong saviors is on their way to the dark lands of Mar. Normally, nobody would step foot in the land since it's full of dark creatures and danger, ready to kill you when the darkness falls over the land. This time around Kaia and the others will do anything to step foot on the lands of Mar and bring the most important message to the king: you can safe your kingdom. The curs that has fallen over Mar can be destroyed and the land can become one of the greatest again. But Kaia and the rest won't get through Mar that easily... where there is darkness, there is a great danger. Will Kaia and the others be prepared to leave everything they love behind and try to safe the kingdom of Mar?

Starting of with the characters: Kaia Stone! From the very beginning a mysterious vide hangs around Kaia. The land she's from has a pairing ceremony, this means that each of the citizens will receive a Canonipom. This is a mythical creature that complements its owner and is also a friend in times of loneliness. Kaia doesn't have a Canonipom, but the rest of her family does and this makes sure the reader already starts with forming questions and dig in further in the story. This was something I really did enjoy, and the best thing about it is that our questions will be answered if you're really reading attentively.

Kaia not being paired brings a few of her characteristics to the surface, for instance Kaia is a bit doubtful about herself because she doesn't understand why she's not being paired. And a bit of jealousy will tip at the corners of this character. I loved to see this side of Kaia, especially because it makes her sensible! This isn't the only side we'll get to see of her...

Kaia is send by the Utdrendans, another population in this book, to bring a message to the King of Mar, the cursed land. This does make sure that the character feels like she has a purpose in life and isn't 'the girl who wasn't paired'. It also brings the wise and strong, more confident side out of Kaia. This characters has so many qualities that it's hard not to love her! 

As for her sisters, those were amazingly written too! Although Elania was the one that got my attention most. She's the eldest of the family and when Kaia leaves for Mar, she's the one to join her. Elania seems like a very supportive character in this book and doesn't want her sister to be stuck alone in Mar if the curse isn't lifted. That's what I really appreciated about this character! Especially because she's willing to do anything for her sister and that's a beautiful side to her. 

Other characters that were important to the story were Aylin, the princes and Pelliab. As for Aylin and the princes, they were a very nice addition to the group going to Mar because they brought a certain happy, family vibe to the group and that lifted everyone's mood including the one of the reader's. As for Pelliab, here's another character that has a very mysterious vibe hanging around him.

Pelliab is also one of the chosen ones to deliver the message to the king in Mar but he's a very introverted person. This also means that he doesn't talk a lot and is very composed! That won't stop the reader from getting suspicious about him and this will also be an asset to the story because Pelliab does have some things in store for us near the end of the book. 

Other things regarding the characters are the mythical creatures that lure around all the lands. As I already said before we have the Canonipom but there are also the turned ones in Mar, the Flirds and many more to come across in this book. These sure were a great asset to the book because they made sure you used your full imagination and also made the story more interesting and enjoyable because you're totally into the fantasy novel. 

The little remark I have about the characters was that in the beginning I was quiet confused with who everyone was and what their connection was to one another. It wasn't totally clear in the beginning and did brought a bit of confusion with me, but the further you go in the story the more you'll begin to understand. 

Now the plot, the plot is something very intriguing and unique! I haven't read a fantasy that describes the scenery as this one so you're in for a whole new world that's described fantastically

Also, as I already mentioned before, they're send with a mission: to help lift the curse. It's pretty soon we find out that our character Kaia is determined to help out and act on her purpose, that's also why she's such a strong character but her parents aren't okay with it at all. Well, her father isn't. This will also make sure the plot will take a turn to how she's going to do what she wants to do without hurting her family too much. 

When Kaia is on her way to the land and is together with the rest of the savior party, the plot has a lot in store for them. It isn't a secret that the land of Mar holds dark creatures and is very dangerous. It therefore doesn't take them all too long before having a first obstacle. And the plot will keep surprising you with these kind of things before they can get to the king.

I think this was something amazing about the plot, the author had enough imagination and fantasy to create a lot of hard obstacles and problems the characters needed to overcome or get through so they could do what they came to do. You're in store for so much and it's also not predictable at all, there is a high level of surprise each time something happens and I was fond of that!

Even when they arrive and want to talk to the king, we see that their adventure isn't quiet over and there were already so many things that had happened before! Also after they spoke and delivered the message the plot has things in store for us, as well as a very big secret that will be revealed. I have to say, I was shocked at that point!

An asset to the story were the few tales or legends that we got during the book. We get to know the land of Kaia and how it was created but we also learn more about the mythical creatures and how or why they were created. 

The remarks I have concerning the plot were the fact that I often missed details. At certain moments during the book, I was lacking who was saying what. There was a huge conversation which was entertaining but I couldn't make out who was talking at that moment and this led to some confusion on my part. I also had a few scenes where I loved to have some more scene setting to add to my imagination and also so I could understand it more properly. 

The ending left me a bit disappointed because it was incomplete. Although it does make sure that the readers will be eager to read the second part, The Yesterdays Of Tomorrow, due to its ending, I wasn't that satisfied with it. 

©Jessica Hernandez
Although I lacked the scene setting at times and details to who was talking, I did enjoy this book. It will make up for the confusion I had during the book by using a lot of my imagination but also because of its strong characters. Each character is very unique and determined to act on the purpose they were send for and this will add to the story. If that doesn't lure you in yet, the mythical creates are also a very intriguing side to the story and the land of Mar has a lot in store for you. Capering On Glass Bridges is very unique and intriguing book with the surprising element each time the group experiences the darkness of the cursed land during their quest to safe the people. Also, I want to thank Jessica Hernandez for giving me this opportunity to read her book so thanks a lot!

"No darkness, no turned ones"

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