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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Power

A few months back, I wrote my review on the first book in the Titan-series. A sequel series to the Convenant series. By then I was waiting full of excitement on the release of the second book in this series: The Power by Jennifer L. Armentrout. And I can finally say that I have read, no, devoured the series in two days. 

For the ones here that haven't read the first in this series, I recommend you not to read on since there will be further developments to the characters and to the plot. This will create a less pleasant read of The Return because you know more information than you already should. Therefore, I recommend you not to read the review of The Power but to read the review about the first in the series: The Return. Just clicking on the title will open a new page with the review on the first book. 

Now Josie's finally settled in the world she was introduced to a while ago, she's finally growing to become a badass-ninja. Although she thinks she's making process, Seth's holding on tight not so sure if in the end she'll be able to kill. He knows how it goes and he knows how it feels. Guarding these feelings from her, Seth grows to really love her company. Yet not all is over. Last time they saved Josie but the danger isn't gone. The Titans and other dangers are still looming around and trying to get her. Seth is determined not to let her out of his sight. It isn't until something bad happens, Seth starts to realize also he might be a danger to Josie... 

This book was again... too good for words! I just can't describe it. But that's how I feel each time I read something written by Jennifer L. Armentrout. She's just incredible, and let's be honest: so is Seth. 

Speaking of Seth I think it's a great idea to start with some more information about how he has changed in comparison to The Return. In comparison to the Covenant series, we've already seen a very different side of Seth, this time his good side is accentuated even more. Seth has become a very calm person in comparison to other books where he's a part from. Although he really (still) curses a lot and gets angry at certain moments, he really wants to do the right thing. 

This meaning: doing good by Josie. The thing that's really accentuated most in this book is the way he really wants to protect her from all the harm in the world. He trains her, but he knows she might not kill in the end and that really worries him a lot. I absolutely love this side in Seth, yet I enjoy seeing him get angry too because it shows he's only human.

What might be the best thing about Seth in this book is him trying to be perfect for Josie. He's really trying to be nice, to be good and to make her feel at ease and make her smile. In The Power we'll also see a lot of gentleness in Seth, something I never expected to see as often as I did in this book. And I think that only proves one thing about Seth... Other than it'll also become very clear that Seth worries a lot about himself trying to be good. His insecurities about being good enough for her will shine through more than ones and it'll also put pressure on this relationship. This pressure will also cause a moment where Seth has to make a very drastic decision which we will all dread. 

As for Josie, she's grown into her badass-ninja. Her words not mine. She's really feeling confident and has grown accustomed to the new world she was brought into a while back. In the beginning of The Return, I was doubting her strength to fight but now she has really proven herself. Although she knows her own power, she does doubt herself a lot because she starts to compare herself to others that seem stronger.

This will bring out some of her insecurities but many of her insecurities will start to return when Seth puts a little pause on their bond and training. This is the moment we really see Josie break down which again makes sure she's a very realistic and relatable person, since we all suffer from heartbreaks. Josie really proves her in this book and really overcomes many of her past fears. 

Another character that's still as amazing as I had imagined him is Deacon. I haven't mentioned him in the review about The Return but I might have in reviews of the Convenant. Deacon is Aiden's brother, and I remember in the beginning when I first met him, I thought he was weird but he did really grow onto me. 

Even more so, he has become a very independent person that will say what he wants and go for that. Also, in this book he'll take a stand and fight for what he wants, even if they don't want him to do anything. That's what I really love about this character, he's very funny that you mistake him for not being attentive. But in fact, he's really observant that it might shock you how intuitive he is and how much of a difference he can make in a situation. 

Above that I really love it that he's loyal and can be trusted. Many times in the book this side of Deacon will come through and you'll really want to have a friend like him. Josie can really count on him and in the end, so will Seth. By the way, Luke and Deacon... they're so cute together! 

The last character I want to discuss is Apollo. Josie is a demigod, a daughter of Apollo yet he doesn't act like a father. This does grow to irritate Josie a lot and she'll also suffer from this. It's at that point that we really understand Josie and why she's angry and sad about her father. Also other characters will finally understand her, even when she doesn't say anything. I don't like Apollo because he doesn't take Josie as his daughter while he acts like a parent with other characters that aren't even close to his daughters / sons. 

The characters will further develop themselves and will become a lot stronger and determined than I had expected. Nevertheless, I was really excited to see them become different (in a good way). 

Now the plot! In the previous book, things weren't really solved. The Titans are still on the loose which means the characters will be confronted with them a lot in this book. They're learning how to get the Titans back under control and how to get them locked in their place again.

This will acquire a lot more power than only one demigod, and will cause the moment where Josie needs to go and find the other remaining demigods. Above that she'll have to learn how she can defeat them. This will give the readers a big quest to the ways of destroying a Titan but will also create and solve a lot of mysteries we had in book one. 

Above that there's the fuss about the halfs and pures that's becoming a way bigger problem than it was in the beginning and than I has expected. It comes this far that halfs and pures are out on vengeance! This will create so much more tension and thrill in the school and with the characters, they're having a hard time controlling their peace and calmness. 

This means that  the book will mainly concentrate on two different problems and this will acquire two different solutions. While the head of the school tries to solve the problem with halfs and pures murdering each other out, the other characters will try to solve the Titan problem. 

What I enjoyed about these problems is that it puts a lot of pressure on the characters and you can see how they achieve certain goals while being under this pressure. Next to the pressure of finding solutions there's also a lot of pressure on Seth to be the good guy and not to repeat history. This is another personal matter Seth has to deal with in the plot and it makes you really understand the way he's thinking. Now Seth has to deal with that too, we really get to know him a lot better and that's a big asset to the book because it's an explanation to certain actions and decisions he will make. 

Seth starts to have a difficult time with controlling and keeping his calm and Josie starts to doubt herself. Above that characters from the past return and nobody really knows if this is a good thing or not. To be honest, these characters did fine until a certain point. Then I started to really grow irritated by them because they are selfish. This certain point is very hard to explain because it's at the end and that's supposed to be a big surprise. Speaking of a big surprise, the final battle was a very big surprise! It was something totally unexpected but it was also something we might have seen coming if we payed more attention to it. 

The plot will contain a lot of feels and it will test your loyalty and trust in certain characters, which is a great thing about The Power! Above that a lot of mystery will be solved and solutions will finally start to being formed as we get more help from an unexpected person. The story line will keep you busy and will alternate between tension and mystery and further developments on the relationship between Seth and Josie that's coming under pressure. 

To conclude this review I want to say the following: go. get. the. book! If you enjoyed the first book in this series, you will enjoy the second book too. It doesn't only build further onto the events of the first book but it'll also create new events and new feels for you to discover. The characters are still as great as they were in book one but they'll grow to be even better. If you loved Seth and Josie, you'll absolutely get more of them in The Power while being torn apart and being put back together. Hold on tight while you suffer through heartbreak, pressure, insecurities, gentleness, fighting and an unexpected ending. I absolutely recommend this series! But beware, if you want to read the Covenant series too, read this series first before you start the Titan-series! Otherwise you spoil yourself. 

"Courage. Strength. Absolute power."

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