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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The One

Remember when I said I didn't enjoy The Elite as much as I enjoyed The Selection? Guess what, I finished the third and last book in the Selection trilogy and I'm without words. This didn't only overthrow Elite, it overthrew the Selection! The One by Kiera Cass was my absolute favorite in this series, and also the cover is the one I absolutely would pick out of all three.

If you haven't read the Selection series at all, I highly recommend for you not to read on. This is the third and last book in this series which means changes and developments have taken place and you will be exposed to spoilers! If you haven't read the first book, The Selection, and are interested in reading that book: I wrote a review on that one which you can find HERE. If you read the first book and would like to know my opinion as to why I didn't enjoy The Elite as much as The Selection, you can also read that review HERE

Determined to win her true lover's love, America throws in everything to win The Selection. When she first entered the competition, she never thought she'd end up this close to the crown and grow to adore the palace and all that comes with it. To have the future she wants to have, she'll have to go under more pressure to get what she really wants: the love of her life. Yet the treat of the rebels is still lurking around and ready to overthrow everything that they've ever known. As she finally discovers what she stands to lose, America also discovers how much she needs to fight for what she truly desires.

She's back! Remember when I said I wanted Americas determined side back instead of her  grumpy, angry one? Well, The One made sure we'd see America grow back into herself. Although we still see America's struggling with her doubts and insecurities (which will less), we also see her grow into a strong woman again. If all, this competition really changed her and this experience will play in her favor because we haven't seen everything she's capable of. 

I was absolutely amazed to see the big changes America makes during this book. She won't only stand for what she thinks is true and fair, she'll also stand for the ones she absolutely loves. Although she made me doubt during the Elite, America will make you change your mind once again. 

As for Maxon, I said I didn't enjoy him in The Elite. Also he will show major changes! If you wanted to see a bit more of the Maxon from the first book in this trilogy, I can guarantee you that that will most certainly happen. This time around, we'll also see him struggle a lot with finding the right words and do go by his father. The day he'll become king is something that still frightens him because he thinks he might not live up to his fathers wishes. In The One, Prince Maxon will concentrate on his insecurities but also on finding the right princess to help him with these.

I have to say, in the Elite I really didn't like him and America because of their temper, but this book will show you that they'll only become stronger because of them and both will find a way back to your hearts desires. I was really fond of these characters during the whole trilogy, just a bit less in the second book. They did really make up for it in The One

Another, and last, character I really want to discuss is Celeste. Celeste is the meanest girl you could ever imagine in this competition. I never liked her, and I thought I never would but during this book she'll surprise you a lot. It might not make you love her, but you will come to understand her and that's a great asset to the book. Not only will we grow to understand Celeste, but also the other girls left in the Elite. We finally will get to know the girls on a more personal level and see that without the gowns and jewelry, they're just girls trying to find the Happily Ever After. I really loved that in this book and it was a great asset to plot and the characters! 

Speaking of the plot, as I already said in my review of The Elite, it has much in store for us. Although this time around, the book mostly takes it turns to two things that need to be solved: the rebels and the competition. The rebels have been a problem since book one and it isn't until book two that we start to find possible motives for why they do the things they do. This time around, the plot will go deeper into this and will not only create suspense, it'll also create a lot of action. This action that takes place was actually something I never saw coming in this book series, but it did and I'm really happy about that. 

The action only makes sure we grow to understand the danger even more but also grow to understand their motives more and how to solve this problem. If all, it also makes the reader very excited because there's something else than the palace surroundings and the safe rooms. Although I really loved the book creating the safe rooms and adored to see what all happened with an attack in the palace, this action and danger is something very refreshing I did really enjoy. 

The sad thing is that I find we didn't really knew the outcome. Of course, we knew the attacks, we had the action and we had possibilities of how to solve things but the plot won't go deeper into how it really ended, if it ended at all. That's something I really missed in the plot!

Now, the other big chunk of the plot concentrates on the competition. The Selection will come to and end, ladies and gentlemen! Building up to the moment where the Prince will decide, the girls do get some little tasks but The One won't really concentrate any longer on if they're fit to become the princess. They won't bother with too many assignments! Did I think that was a pity? 

Well no, because as a replacement, the plot will now focus more on the girls and the queen. I loved to see more of the queen because we haven't seen much of her! I was also very fond that the plot concentrated itself more on the girls because we really saw them bonding and realizing that although it was a competition, they're all normal girls. They all lived up, together, to the moment of truth and as a reader you'll really appreciate all the little things the girls will go trough and will do together. If all, it'll give them more understanding about each other and that was a great thing to experience too as the reader. 

During these big parts of the plot, the storyline will also cover little things such as the bond between the main character and her long lost lover from the past but also on the bond between America and Maxon. Also, unexpected things will happen and families will arise from the dark again. The One will really go back to the core of how things were in the first book, The Selection, only to intensify things more. This of course includes for us the feels. Also in this book, they'll be closely ready to give you everything you need to enjoy the book even more. 

These little things also cover aspects that will surprise you during the plot. There will be a few moments during the development of the plot you'll come across changes you never expected to come. This is something I absolutely see as a great asset to the book and it contributes to the feels we'll already be feeling. 

By coincidence I also had After the One, or as Goodreads calls it the Epilogue! It came with my box and even tough it's not a very long one I did really love to read it. We get to see a bit more about what is happening now at the palace. The Epilogue will concentrate on the events of two years later. If you want to have a nice but little taste of that, I do recommend it because it was swoon worthy and adorable!

As a conclusion to this review about The One, and also to this trilogy, I can say that this book was my absolute favorite. We will get surprised in this book, heartbroken from time to time, angry and frustrated but we'll also receive a big portion of action, adoration and understanding between the characters. As a reader, you'll really live up to the end of the Selection and the (possible) end of the rebellion together with really swooning for the little moments and things in this book. Also, you'll be surprised a lot with things you never expected to come which is also a very great asset to The One. Again, there's a very strong plot and the characters will be on their best behavior only to see them change in to even better ones during the development of the book. I couldn't wish for a better end of this trilogy! 

"35 girls entered the Selection. Only 1 can win. The time has come for one winner to be crowned."

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