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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Glass Sword

Someone please explain to me why authors think it's necessary to give the reader a heart attack? Or no, give them a broken heart. Or a rush of excitement ending with a rush of anger. The book I'm going to review today has a lot of happy readers but also disappointed readers. I am one of those very happy readers! I present you with much excitement: Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard.

Before you read on in this review, a little warning! If you haven't read Red Queen yet, I highly recommend not reading on since this is the second book in this series. This means that many changes and developments have happened and you'll only spoil yourself for Glass Sword. If you are interested in this series, I recommend reading my review on Red Queen HERE.

The war between Reds and Silvers goes on. Yet this time around Mare will have an even harder task: finding the people like her. Constantly in danger Mare needs to safe the ones who need saving. Time is running out, especially because Maven is following her every step. Killing before she gets a chance to save. She's growing desperate with the minute as the voice in her head keeps telling her not to trust anyone. Anyone can betray anyone. Her past is catching up with her and Mare fears she'll become the things she's most afraid of: a monster. 

This book can we all just... waw! I am impressed. I am in tears. Tears because I just want the next book immediately. NOW! Waw. This book has brought many, many doubts with various readers and I was a bit scared of reading the book because of it. But can we all just... chill because I am not doubting this book at all! Although I had a very hard time getting into the book, this will all change and you'll sink into the story. 

This "hard time getting into" was all caused by Mare. In the beginning of the book, she's struggling a lot with herself. She's covered in self pity but also sees herself as a superior. I didn't like to see this in Mare. In Red Queen, she showed a very caring side but also how independent side and how strong she is. She might be the "lightning girl" but I rather not see her boss around people. It's just not affecting and caused me to not like her.

BUT things will change! Mare will still struggle but not really with the whole superior posture. She's really going to start doubting herself and her abilities to save everyone from the King's claws. I really enjoyed this part about her, she kept pushing herself to save everyone and forgot about herself at times. (This is where my ship comes in to help her relax and that's mostly the reason I loved this side of Mare...). Above that she's also struggling with the guilt of everyone she murders along the way and this affects her so much you can't do anything else but feel with this character. 

During the story there will be times where she thinks she's the superior again but those moments will be suppressed by other characters or even by her own racing thoughts. This book gives you a lot of Mare's thoughts. She's very confused by herself and tries to keep up her mask of confidence but is touching in the dark about her real self. This is something the reader will fully feel during the read because of everything we get to know about Mare. Her thoughts will often feel confused and rushed but that's because she truly feels like this.

Her character will really try to hide a lot of her real feelings for others too, only for the cause. But it's also because of this that we'll experience how hurt she feels and haunted by Maven and by the possible consequences. When she isn't feeling superior, she's just hiding herself behind her strength and facade so we can discover so much more about this character through her mind. I grew to love her once again!

Another character that I want to discuss is Cal. He's as lost as Mare is and I was absolutely loving this! It's not that I thought he deserved it, just seeing him touching in the dark now he isn't a prince anymore was amazing to see. There were so many developments around this character and he really blossomed open to become even stronger. I really was keen on seeing that in Cal. The fact that he's confused by all that has happened and also confused about which side he's on will help him change and see the reality of it all. I still love this guy as much as I did in Red Queen. I'm so looking forward to what's going to happen with him in the third book!

As for Maven, people are really hoping he's got something good left in him. I'm not talking about any character of the book but just us common readers. I don't know how I feel about Maven. Sure he had me wrapped around his finger in book one, but my heart still roots for Cal. (Sorry not sorry). However, I am looking forward to what this character will bring! In this book he's still evil, he does weird things and it makes me suspicious! He had an opportunity to grab them but then he... lost? I don't know. This character seems evil but he confuses me so much. Is he evil? Is it fake? I don't know! But this character brings so much more thrill to this story. He's hunting her down, y'all! For the right reasons or not, I don't know. I can't get a grip on this guy. Maven wasn't around a lot a lot but I'm thinking the next book will give us more information to understand everything. 

And lastly to these characters, the New Bloods. These people who are called like this are similar to Mare. They're red but have silver abilities. Glass Sword really concentrates on this a lot, the main goal in this book is to boost the rebellion by finding this new army with new strengths. We need to find the New Bloods! I actually really loved each and every one of the New Bloods. Their abilities were unique and also help to boost the thrill and excitement in this book which I'm all in for. Finding them, training them and then using them were really cool things to read in this story.

As for the plot... If you're looking for a book that says "lies", "betrayal", "more lies", "action", "death" and "tears" then this is absolutely your book! As I said, the main goal is to find those New Bloods and train them. Finding them on its own brings a lot of excitement and action to the plot. Why? Because Maven is looking for them too. This brings a whole new meaning to finding the New Bloods because it becomes a hunt! Mare and the Scarlet Guard try to find them, Maven tries to find them but Maven also tries to find Mare. It's absolute chaos but it's also very intriguing for the reader.

Through this hunt we'll get a clearer view on new cities, or cities we've already heard of. We'll know more about how every Silver is organised in theses cities but also how strong the Scarlet Guard really is. Which brings me to another thing about the plot: the Scarlet Guard's commander. If you think that the Scarlet Guard is pure and right, think again and think well. Anyone can betray anyone. This book will make sure this sentence is stuck in your mind. 

Just as Mare, you'll try to see who's lying, who's a traitor and who might betray who. I absolutely loved this! This isn't only Red VS Silvers anymore, this book will make it clear there's a much deeper story to everything and I LOVED it. It's really realistic if you think about it. It's not like people with brown hair will fight for people with brown hair, we can betray by dying our hair blond... This is a bad example but get what I'm getting at? The betrayal in this book is so real and somehow also realistic. It opens the reader's eyes and you'll come to a shocking conclusion each time tides turn. 

The missions to find the New Bloods and the training will take up most of the book which I didn't mind at all. Especially because the end had a big mission in store for us that will end with a total different ending than I had expected. Sure, it was predictable but the manner on how it all happened was a complete shock to me. Also the big mission will keep you excited with the action that is happening because we finally get an even clearer view on each ability of a New Blood. 

Between all this action and fighting there's many heartbreaking moments between characters. Mare isn't being herself, she hides behind her mask and this will cost friendships. Yet there's one person who she can share her guilt with and her tears and this causes the reader to either love or hate. It's all about the ships in this book! I was fond on the variety of action and Mare struggling with everyone around her. It made sure you had enough change to keep interested in the book. 

It still contains a lot of feels, it contains much more action and it contains unpredictable moments. It has very strong characters that will grow a lot or, this time, show you how weak they actually are and also the new bloods will give you a very nice change in the story. The plot will hold you with lies and betrayal and it's time for you to find out who is trust worthy and not. Remember, anyone can betray anyone! I absolutely enjoyed this book, even though the beginning wasn't so smooth because of Mare feeling a bit bossy, she really makes up for it and learns from her mistakes. All there is left to say is that I'm really looking forward to King's Cage! Also, I feel like there's a possibility of a second POV and you know how much I love books like that... If you enjoyed Red Queen, you will most likely enjoy Glass Sword too, we just see more weaknesses and betrayal but it was something nice to experience and showed a contrast to Red Queen which I really didn't mind.
Second POV? What do you guys think?

"Kneel or bleed."

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