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Wednesday, February 15, 2017


In tears! I'm in tears. Like every time, one of my most beloved authors likes to make her readers cry. I think I cried a new river in the underworld of Hades and I also think he will not be pleased with that. Please let me die and serve you, as this would be a fitted punishment and would relieve me of my urge to cry and be in pain because of this book! Really, I finished Sentinel by Jennifer L. Armentrout and I can't. This last book really tore me apart but it was... phenomenal. Did we ever expect anything else by her?

Note: this is not a first in a series! Apollyon is the 4th book in a series of 5. If you haven't read any of the books before or are not close enough to Apollyon, I highly recommend not reading on. Many changes and developments on both plot and characters have taken place. Reading further will cause spoilers! If you're interested in one of the book in this series, I do have reviews on all of them:




It's time for war. Alexandria finally knows what to do about Ares and all the Gods await for her to do her duty: become the Godkiller. Take ultimate power. Together with a much higer power than any God, Alexandria trains for the arrival of war because it is coming. Meanwhile Ares is still holding control over everyone that takes one step towards him and he needs to be stopped. Will Alex be ready in time? And most importantly, will she have ultimate power as the Godkiller or will she lose her once again because Fate is asking her to...

As the last book in this series, it's kind of inevitable to see the huge change the characters have made. And what a change it was! Alexandria grew so much during the whole series, from acting before thinking to, now, a very strong female character in the series. During Sentinel, she'll show us once again that she is that strong female as she'll prepare for battle.

I really loved to see her prepare for battle because all sorts of emotions will come during that time. Alex isn't always that fierce, strong, bite-back person she always shows us she is. She has her weaknesses and I feel like Sentinel made it clear that she had them while she needs to face battle. There's been made a very nice balance between the soft side of Alex that's scared and the hard side of Alex, that's ready. I really think readers will appreciate to see this side of her one last time in the last book! 

I think all characters from Aiden to Deacon, Luke and Olivia, have shown how much they have changed. For Aiden that was showing his soft side and open up to a possibility of love, for Deacon it was showing he could be useful too. For Luke and Olivia it was going through a lot of loss but stand stronger in the end. These changes will be brought together in a heartwarming but strong plot and, sadly, end in this series! 

One character I really want to talk about though is our lost son who will return! In Apollyon we haven't seen a lot of Seth and Lucien at all but as this is the last book, it's obvious they'll have to show up at some point. I always have been a fan of Seth... don't shoot me. Mainly because I might have read the sequels first but it wasn't my fault, I didn't get it back then that it was a sequel! However, in Sentinel, I think a lot of the readers against him will find peace. 

Seth is the yin to Alex's yin. They're one and the same but just as Alex, Seth will know such a change and I really loved to see it. He starts to realize things and it will nibble at him as well as the readers. To every hard side is a very soft side and you will be enlightened to know that Seth has one too. This was really an eye-opener in many aspect that I also feel can be linked with our real life out here: everyone is fighting their own battle you know nothing about. (YES, for everyone who likes SKAM, I just did a little reference right there!) and Seth will be huge part of that statement. 

As much as I loved to see this side of him during Sentinel, it is still Seth and readers will be in for a lot of funny comments, funny encounters but also those frustrating ones that make sure we don't forget who the real Seth is! Once again, the author found a really beautiful balance between the sides of a character. 

As for the plot, there is a war brewing and I must say I was happy about that. War is a bad thing, but this book... it just gave so many vibes! The action, thrill, suspicion it's all here once again and of course that's a good thing but there was so much more to it.

Once again the gods will have major influence and as I said in Apollyon, I really loved to see them. This is also their mess since Ares is their brother and I really loved to see what they'd do, react and how they would influence the battle. Just getting a better picture of them in my mind was already something amazing to see as I was really longing to have that in this series. 

But even the gods run out of power some time and everyone is going to turn to another power that's even higher than gods which actually really caused us to get shocked at be surprised which is also a great asset to the book. I guess it's true what they say: desperate times ask for desperate measures and I feel like they became really desperate, they being the gods. However I really loved to see how this all turned out, especially because the end of the story will then make links to the sequel and make you want to get the sequels since this higher power will be important there as well. 

It's the last book so what would this book be without a few sacrifices, there were actually a few of these that will leave the readers speechless as it was not something we could possibly have seen coming and of course that's because the gods will influence things. I feel like the gods really became such an important pair of characters in the last two books that it also made sure that the Covenant series was still surprising and also made the books diverse from each other at the same time. Anyway, those sacrifices are a big deal and will make sure a lot of feelings will arise with the readers. Then again, are we surprised that Jennifer L. Armentrout throws a few feelings at our heads? Because I'm not! 

As this all will lead to the big end battle, I must say I was a bit disappointed. I had expected the battle to be a bit harder than it seemed and for it to be a lot more tragic. I'm not saying it was bad because I did enjoy it but I felt like the author made it fairly simple for our characters and I had expected a bit more of those explosives and to see more of them battling! 

However the ending really made up for that as it was a very moving one. I somehow had seen it coming, Apollyon lead us to the conclusion and really took a bit of our surprise away as you might already know what will happen, but that didn't make it less hard. This ending was the hardest that I've ever read before and I was so shocked by some of the characters' reaction, that it really became very emotional and made me tear up. A lot. It's also not your typical happy ending which also made it even more special and unique! Although also here I wish I'd seen more of Marcus, Luke and all other characters and how they reacted because we don't really get to see them anymore afterward or see how they reacted on the outcome of the battle, which was a sad thing because they've been on this ride with us too and we won't get closure on them. 

You guys, this book makes me speechless! And it also made sure I won't be finishing other series for a little while, as it will now be known forever: last books in a series make you cry. This book was full of emotions, that ending was ready to make me die! The characters have known such a huge change during this series and it was a pleasure to see these changes come together in the last book of the Covenant series! One of my most beloved characters also returns and made this book extra strong as he will give us some more funny encounters as well as frustrating ones! Also for action you're good, once again. Although I did expect a little bit of a more explosive battle, I can't be less pleased about the book. It was phenomenal from beginning to end and tore right through my little reader's heart, what an ending... just *standing ovation*

"This is everyone's fight, because it's everyone's future."

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