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Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Last week I posted a review about me re-reading a book. Well, when I finished that book I wanted to re-read the next book. And now I've re-read that book, I'm really up for the next book in this 5-parted series. This might mean that next week there will be another review about this book. But who will know? For now I'd like to explain how I feel towards the second book in this series: Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout!

NOTE: This is a second in a series. If you have not read the first book, I highly recommend NOT reading any further. The second book, Onyx has build further onto the story and things have happened that will influence your knowledge for this book. If you read on you'll spoil yourself! Interested in the series? I wrote a review on the first book in the series, Obsidian, HERE!


Now Katy knows that her neighbors aren't anything human, she's been put under a whole new threat. The DOD doesn't want humans to know and the Luxen aren't really pleased with her knowing things either. If that isn't enough, Katy isn't feeling herself lately and it's really pushing her to her limits, endangering herself and her friends even more. How is she going to solve this? Who can she possibly trust with all that's happening? Relationships will be tested and they are coming for her...

HOLY ALIEN BABIES. I can't. I honestly CAN'T. Yes, I'm back again with the caps lock words because Onyx was even BETTER than Obsidian was. And don't get me wrong, Obsidian was amazing which puts Onyx way above just amazing, even above fantastic! I really can't tell you how pleased I was to continue in this phenomenal series. And I also don't think phenomenal is the best word for it...

Katy is going places, people! She's going to move mountains. If I didn't look up to her before, I sure a hell would this time. The strength and toughness we've seen in Obsidian will be fueled even more as Katy will be behaving and feeling differently. The reader will be taken on her journey with finding out what is wrong with her, especially after all that has happened in Obsidian. Is she just changing personalities, is she getting stronger? Or is it something entirely different? Together with the character we'll discover it, which is the first phenomenal thing there is with this character.

Her change will also put herself at risk and also all the ones she loves. This causes her to really turn to herself and not to the others she first trusted so much. Katy is going to play a vital role in this book and she'll mostly play it alone. First reason for that is because Daemon is acting all lovey-love and she thinks it can't mean anything, second reason is because she wants to protect all the ones that love her deeply and she loves deeply. I absolutely admired that in this character and it also reflected a lot of Daemon. He's also a character that will go to great lengths to protect his loved ones. 

Her one man show will put herself at risk but also give us a better insight in this character, relating to her will not be hard! Above that she'll have a lot to deal with on her own because she doesn't know how to trust. Basically, she's also trying to figure herself out and what's she's feeling. The pressure will give this character a very realistic side, even more than she had in Obsidian. She will make mistakes, she will conquer, she will break and this gives the reader a lot of feelings and a lot of things to relate to. 

As for Daemon, readers will be astonished to who we'll meet. Daemon is no longer Daemon after Obsidian. It feels as if he's come to peace with Katy being in their lives and is ready to give away all his feelings. The lovable Daemon therefore will be around a lot. He'll try to convince Katy and the reader he isn't the asshole with the attitude but also has a heart. He'll act a lot more different but the protective and angry Daemon will not be subsided at all! Readers will enjoy both of his sides and really feel with this character, especially because Katy will be pushing away from him as well, in her battle of finding herself and finding it hard to trust anyone. I really appreciated finding out more about Daemon and his motives, as well as see him jumbling around his feelings and his feelings towards Katy.

In my last review, I spoke about Dee being one of my favorite characters. Onyx doesn't make a lot of space for her which was very sad in my opinion. The beginning of the book will cover a few chapters with her in it but after that the one man show of Katy takes place and Dee will also feel the consequences of this. I hope the next book will get her more in the picture again! 

Now the plot and can I just say that it was so much better than Obsidian? First of all I feel like that's because we know now what lives next to Katy. I mean, there isn't anything human about it and it feels good to know that. I feel relieved and it makes me so excited, I almost wish I had aliens live next to me instead of my grumpy old neighbor (it's the truth!) And now we know, it makes everything easier and more open for new threats.

Those threats start with Katy. She's a threat to the Luxen, and they're a threat to her. This will make sure both will have a hard time trusting one another. Especially when all sort of things start to happen to Katy and everyone, except one alien, is left out of what's happening. While Katy and Daemon know what's going on, the others are running in blind and don't even know what'll happen and how it will affect them.

If the mystery of Katy is not the most important at the moment, the mystery of the new guy in town is taking over and it seems even harder to trust him. Trust issues will be such a main thing in this book and the reader will feel the effects. Once again the plot is fueled with all that makes us feel excited, giddy, witty, angry, frustrated... yes THE FEELS! I love feels in books and Jennifer L. Armentrouts knows how to write them down in a book and make you experience this. The feels fuel the trust issues and it's just going to be great. If you think you trust the right people, guess again! 

And what is a book without action? In comparison to what happened in Obsidian, Onyx will take a whole new turn. A new threat is developing and they are coming. Who are they? I guess you'll have to find out but I can already tell you it's HUGE. With the threat comes more important information and  people who should be dead are suddenly alive.

What I did notice is that the focus of the danger will move away from Arum. Arum are the other alien species that are the natural enemy of the Luxen. The first book really fixed its gaze on that but in Onyx we'll find a new enemy that might be even more dangerous than Arum. I was a fan of this moving on from the Arum, only because this threat will give a lot more mystery to the plot, more betrayal, lies and trust issues that just burn the reader with questions and further developments that makes you guess more, guess wrong and put you really into the story. 

Lastly, the plot will also give a close-up on the situation between Katy and Daemon. Obsidian we've seen the attitude to Katy, and how Daemon changed with the wind. During Onyx we'll get more information on how this will all turn out and if feelings will grow into something romantic or stay superficial! All I want to say about it is that I felt really a lot of feels, just as in Obsidian and of course that's phenomenal!  

This book... waw! It captured me even more than Obsidian did. The feels are all over the place and readers will have no other choice but go with the story and experience everything to the bone. The characters, once again, were fantastically written and will face new problems. These new problems will drive the plot to a point where you feel all giddy inside and can't make you stop reading. It's a book that I (re-)read in one-sitting once again! Everything is more advanced and more explanations towards the secrets will be given during the read. I was an absolute fan of Onyx! Jennifer L. Armentrout, once again you deserve a standing ovation! 

“That's the funny thing about trying to escape. You never really can. Maybe temporarily, but not completely.” 

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