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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Book Haul

Ha! It's been a long, long time since I've done another book haul so I thought why not? In the past few months I've bought a total of 5 books and then of course there were all the books I got for my birthday which you can find on my post about my Birthday haul

The first load of books are books I bought on Amazon! As you might have read in an earlier post, I had a hard time finding out how to buy from Amazon, but found a loophole. Luckily! After my first time buying from Amazon, I ordered other books there as well.

Ceaseless and predestined by Abbi Glines
My first time ordering there I bought Existence by Abbi Glines. I could only find the series up there because it wasn't available anywhere else. I had my eyes on this series for a very, very long time and finally I could read them! After seeing if I was still interested in the series after I read the first book, I ordered the others! Here is the synopsis of the first book, Existence:

Pagan isn't any normal girl, aside from going to school and doing homework she sees things nobody else sees. And she shouldn't be able to see the things she sees:souls. None of the souls give her any attention, and she doesn't give them any attention either. One day, that all changes when one of them starts staring at her and eventually starts talking to her. Trying to ignore him, Pagan can't do anything else but start getting attached to the soul. But he is nowhere near a soul... 

I have to say that my expectations were really high and I was a little disappointed. Nonetheless I decided that I really wanted to read the rest of series and see if it gets any better. I've been waiting to read this series for such a long time so I wasn't ready to give it up! 


The Struggle by Jennifer L. Armentrout
While I was ordering there I decided that I was going to pre-order 3rd book in the Titan-series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Many of you know by now how much I love Jennifer L. Armentrout and how in love I am with the Titan-series! So of course I pre-ordered this book! 

For everyone who doesn't know what the heck I'm talking about, the Titan-series is a sequel to the Covenant-series by Armentrout. It's a series that gives us a look in Seth's life and my god, do I love it! A short synopsis of the first book in the Titan-series The Return so I don't spoil you guys for book 3...

It's been a year since Seth made a deal with all Gods, getting on his knees and pledging his life to them. Now he's theirs, he gets all sorts of assignments but most are violent and bloody. Apollo now has something else in mind for him. This assignment will be more difficult for Seth because he has to keep his hands to himself. That's kind of difficult for a guy that doesn't understand the word 'restraint'. 

Josie on the other hand doesn't know what's going on. Her mother is sick and she's doing everything to understand how it all works. Hoping to help others and help them understand. That is until her world get's overthrown by the ancient myth. Starting with meeting the golden-eye, mysterious Seth she thinks is kind of attractive. 

Together they get dumped into a story of danger, discovery and even forgiveness and redemption. For Seth this journey will be challenging, for Josie this journey will be discovering. But it might be the unlikely attraction simmering between her and secret-keeping Seth that may prove to be the most dangerous thing of all. 

As far as I know this series has 4 books, the 4th coming in March 2018! I can't really say anything bad about this series. It contains everything to write a good book: feelings and action. The author makes sure that there are so many plot twists so every book still has this unique thing they concentrate on while fighting something on a bigger scale that comes to all books in the series. It's just such a big variety in situations that happen it really never gets boring. Then again who gets boring from Seth? Not me. 

This is really one of the series I absolutely recommend but I also recommend reading it after the Covenant-series since you'll spoil yourself if you read Seth's story first. Other than that: PICK THIS SERIES! You won't regret it.


Tell me three things by Julie Buxbaum
The last book I bought on Amazon was Tell me three things by Julie Buxbaum. I never heard of this book before or saw it on Goodreads until I watched Jesse on Youtube. He had the book in a haul of his if I'm correct, and it really spoke to me. I just really needed it. 

In comparison to the other books I bought, this is a more realistic one and also one I already read and loved! This book doesn't have anything paranormal but it does have secrecy and really had me excited...

Moving across the country, Jessie has to adjust to a new lifestyle of rich snobs and high expectations. Not feeling like she belongs anywhere, Jessie eats all by herself on the new school, and getting support from her new stepbrother is nothing she needs to wait on. It isn't until an unexpected mail that Jessie understands someone has been watching her very closely. Calling himself SN, he guides Jessie in school situations while keeping his anonymity. She finds herself swooning for him very soon as SN is starting to become bigger part of her life and someone she feels comfortable with and can relate to. But then there's Ethan Marks who made a very good first impression on her... Fighting against the feelings she has, Jessie will have to pick. Before deciding anything she thinks it's time for her and the famous SN to finally meet... 

This. Book. It has so much suspicion I read the first 200 pages in one day! I needed to know who this SN person was and I needed to know it fast. This book is a real page turner because it'll keep giving information about the person and you won't be able to contain yourself! The will to find out who it is, is very strong!

Next to the fact that you want (no, need) to know who this SN person is, you'll really be able to enjoy reading this book because of how Jessie is now growing and trying to adjust to her new lifestyle that also contains bullies. I absolutely loved having this suspicious SN part in the book as well as seeing her handle new things while she's feeling homesick. The main character really was to die for and I absolutely loved reading this book so much. 

The only thing that disappointed me a bit was the fact that I felt it was a bit predictable. And I'm talking about the SN part, reading the first 200 pages of course you built a list of who it might be. However I really knew who it was as well halfway through the book, a little disappointed that it was so predictable but nonetheless I really loved reading this book and enjoyed every feeling in it! 


Hidden by Marianne Curley
At the end of June there's also this big book feast in Ghent. In the previous years on my blog, I talked about this before as well as posted the book hauls from it! This year I went again but I didn't really find a lot of books that I wanted. Some I even had already! I did find a lot of children's books which was a good thing, but for YA and English reads I didn't find a lot.

In fact I only found one book! I was doubting if I should take it but after running around the place once again, my mind kept going back to it! Of course this is an Angel-themed book, I can already guess it which is also why I couldn't leave it behind. Everyone who's been around here for a while knows how much I love books that have angels in them and so I took this beauty with me!

For as long as Ebony can remember, she's been sheltered. Confined to her home in a secluded valley, home-schooled by her protective parents, and limited to a small circle of close friends. It's as if she's being hidden. But something is changing in Ebony. Something that can't be concealed. She's growing more beautiful by the day, she's freakishly strong, and then there's the fact that she's glowing.

On one fateful night, Ebony meets Jordan and she's intensely drawn to him. It's as if something explodes inside of her--something that can be seen from the heavens. Ebony still doesn't know that she's a stolen angel, but now that the heavens have found her, they want her back.

I don't know a lot about the book or author, never read a book by her before. I did find out through Goodreads that it's a series of 3 and yes, maybe I couldn't contain myself to read the synopsis of the second book... and third. Although it's only a 3,46 on Goodreads, I'm having high expectations to find out how much I'll enjoy this book! 

And that concludes my book haul featuring all the books I recently bought! Of all the books I bought I already read two of them and those reviews will be posted online in the next few weeks, so stay tuned...

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