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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Beautiful Disaster

It’s been waiting on my reading list for half a year and I finally dared to buy it. I heard positive things about it but the most comments were negative which is why I waited so long. I have no idea why I waited so long because it was such a good and addictive book: Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire.
It’s about a girl, Abby and a boy, Travis who meet in a very awkward moment. There’s blood, a smile, a stunned expression and it all begins. They meet again and it’s pretty obvious Travis likes Abby. He won’t take no for an answer but Abby only  wants him to leave her alone. He’s a bad boy and she can’t fall in love with him. Everything in her head tries to keep the defenses up while her heart is only growing closer to Travis. Who can resist a bad boy whose so good looking, has tattoos and a motorcycle? He’s the only person she thinks about. It only leads to frustration, anger, despair, love, broken hearts. Especially when the past comes knocking on Abby’s door. The only question is will it bring them even closer or only rip them further apart?
The feels in this book are just huge. I never felt the same emotions through this book, I felt everything the main character felt and above that more emotions. One emotion that kept coming back were frustrations. I’m so team Travis! I guess I have the feels for bad boys ha! I just love books where I can pull my hair out one moment but totally melt inside the other, only to be angry 20 pages later. It just makes sure the book isn’t boring. 
A word about the characters? God, where to begin. I could totally relate with Abby! She wants to be good, pay attention in class. She dresses as she pleases, is ugly when she wants to be. (With that I just mean that she doesn’t care about how she walks in her own room. If it’s with sweatpants and a messy bun or a dress that’s too short, she does as she pleases.). She does care when there are rumors about her which only makes her vulnerable and would keep her from doing what her heart really wants. She’s not only vulnerable at times where rumors spread but also when it comes to her past. She ran away from it, started fresh but her past decides to come visit and get her in trouble. 
Travis on the other hand, would do everything to get what his heart wants. He got a hard past with his family but now they’re pretty close. He doesn’t care what others think about him. But if it comes tho his pigeon, which is his nickname for Abby, it's different. If a boy even looks at her, he’s in a protective mode. You’d say he’s a bad boy because he’s covered in tattoos and does things that are irresponsible but when it comes to Abby he’s such a nice boy. Protective, sweet, concerned. I’m in team Travis, especially when we meet other boys in the book. Like Parker, he’s a Parker. Rich, sweet, predictable and he doesn’t make Abby feel like Travis can, in my opinion. 
Another boy I did like in the book was Shepley. He’s a cousin of Travis and into a relationship. He’s responsible, the good boy if we compare him with his cousin. He has a relationship with Abby’s best friend: America, Mare for short. And yes, I also liked her in the story. Why? Because she’s protective. She wants her best friend safe but sometimes knows better than Abby. Another positive thing about her is that she’s funny at times and says certain things that can only make you laugh out loud. I enjoyed her presence in the book. 
I liked the story because as I already said it gave me a lot of feels but also because of the theme. A bad boy, a good girl. Will they fall for each other? Will they not? You could say it’s such a cliche but it’s not. In cliche stories you can predict the things that come but I couldn’t predict what happened throughout the book. The good girl with a past catching up? The bad boy not being that bad after all but has a soft side for this girl. There are so many aspects that you can’t predict and which caused the many, many feels I got. 
I do have a negative aspect but it’s nothing major. At some point in the book it went a little fast. Too fast in my opinion because we didn’t have any background about what just happened. It just walked into the story without any warning or a little context that leads to it which I found a little disturbing. Especially if it ends as fast as it came, and that was that. It felt like it wasn’t anything important while it was. So in my opinion, the writer could’ve written a little more about that aspect to make a more smooth transition. Though the good aspects outweighs the bad one. I recommend the book and if it has been on your reading list for quite a while now, I’d say just go get it. It’s totally worth it, I promise! I’m even going to get the second book soon. (It’s the story but in Travis POV. I’m a sucker for the books with the POV of the boy. It just gives the story two sides and I like that.) 

“Good girl, bad boy. Imminent disaster? Or the start of something beautiful?”

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