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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

My first poem book | Love & space dust

Something I'm absolutely thrilled about is that I took a book that wasn't YA-themed at all! This book has been on a special place in my heart ever since I came across it and also was very hard to find! However I did just finish it and I have to say... I'm in love! My ever first poem book: Love & Space dust by David Jones!

 "And in the end we are nothing more than love and space dust." Timeless poetry of feeling and emotion, Love & Space Dust carries readers on a journey through love, life and relationships, and then far beyond, into the stars and the far flung galaxies, where all that remains of the feelings we once felt and the lives we once lived is love and space dust.

Even though this is something I can't talk about a lot, I still wanted to post a little review on it because it's really something I feel needs to be read more! In my opinion it's a little bit underrated while it should be read by a lot more people. Especially because it has all these different facets and view on the themes!

As I already announced it's a poem book, and it's also my first ever poem book! The first time I came across poems from this book was on Tumblr. I remember hearting this post with a lot of quotes from it and reading that it was from that book. It wasn't until now, a few years later, that I really felt the need to read this book and all it's hidden secrets written in words and so my journey began...

Because finding this book was not an easy thing!

Eventually I found the book on Amazon, but we can't buy on Amazon so it was a whole disappointment! Until I found a loophole! It made sure I could buy this book and another book that was only available on Amazon! Using giftcards I bought online I eventually got the books in my mailbox! 

Love & Space dust was the book I started reading the same night it arrived. I wanted to take it very slow as this is my first poem book and I just wanted to be sure that I understood and really felt each and every word that was written in it.

And dammit I loved this book! It might seem like a very thin book, but there are so many quotes in it and each word meant something for me and it was a pleasure to try and figure out what the author meant by them. As the synopsis on Goodreads says the poems are each so differently from each other and have a big variety in theme: love, life, relationship, and far beyond about galaxies and stars! Above that each of these themes are being talked about in different perspectives which makes some of them more relatable than others but still... relatable or not each of them is just beautifully written and really touched my soul!

I really recommend this book if you're looking for a read that touches your heart with only a number of words. I also recommend it just because it's so beautiful yet so underrated so if you ever come across from it: pick it up! And see for yourself if you'd enjoy it just as much as I did! David Jones brings a lot of quotes that are each so different and look at a theme in a different perspective which makes sure that there will be a lot of quotes that you can relate to so much! My first poem book was a huge success! I'm already looking forward to reading others in the future and discover the meaning behind the author's words and feeling it right in my heart! 

"We are nothing but //  Space dust // Trying to find // Its way back to // The stars."

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