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Monday, January 25, 2016

Finding Sky

As you might have seen in my blog post about the Book Feast 2015, I had bought 4 books: The Hunger Games trilogy and the Dutch version of Finding Sky. This post will be all about my feelings towards the book Finding Sky by Joss Stirling!

8314214When English Sky moves to America with her artistic parents, things change when she gets a glimpse of Bad Boy Zed. She can't seem to get him out of her head... Literally. He talks to her with his thoughts. He knows what she's thinking. Sky doesn't believe he can do such things, she think she's going crazy! Especially when he tells her they need to be together, that it's their destiny. He is the boy she will love forever. Dark shadows from the past arise but a new devil threatens her future. Sky must face everything she never wanted to face.

First and foremost our main character Sky. Sky did have a really hard past that she also tries to forget. And because of that past she's very insecure and think she's stupid and bad for everyone. Her new arrival in America doesn't really help with it, her new school students start laughing with her. I really felt with her when she was feeling this insecure and this broken but luckily there comes a friend along the way! She's also very artistic but in a different way than her parents. Sky tries to give away her emotions through music, that's something I was a great fan of. Books that use music are one of my favorites because I'm also a great music junk! 

Of course there's more to Sky than only that... Her past is really tragic and it will be shown and explained throughout the story which I was thankful for. I kept on waiting for more to her past because I had my own suspicions after she gave some clues. She also seems to struggle with seeing things she thinks aren't there. That's what I loved most about this story, her imagination that might be real, might not be real. Also we are left in the dark for a while about what is real to her imagination.

As for the Bad Boy Zed, he was some arrogant bastard when I met him in the story! I felt like I could really hate him but I did LOVE his brothers! I don't want to get into detail too much because I think it would be more fun if you discovered it for yourselves. But they're really different from Zed and are protective over their family. It's by the way, a really big family! But I loved each and everyone of his brothers, even if some were more static and others more funny or mysterious. That's what I adored most that, they were all so different but still some are more alike than others. 

Then he changes my mind because suddenly he tries to scare people and then he's being a creep by telling all sorts of things to Sky like 'We're meant to be together',... That's some serious weirdness! Especially when there wasn't even a hint that this was going to happen. It just... happened? And that's what I thought was sad because I think it would've had more effect on me when there was some kind of hint he was for example following her and then blocking her and THEN tell her all this random things. Unfortunately there wasn't anything dramatic or thrilling to the part where he says they belong together. 

But when Sky and Zed cross each others pads before this weird event, I did think that Seth was apart from arrogant, really scary and maybe even dangerous! He just does things that make you think he might be the evil one. And so the mystery begins... Is he the evil one? What does he really want with Sky? But most importantly can we trust him with his intentions?

I only fell connected with some characters at some points of the story. I think Sky was the best of them all because she had the most development in her character, to my opinion. The others were nice but there wasn't really something that left me speechless. 

Now, the plot was okay. I can't say that it wasn't predictable because it was. There was romance, there was mystery and thrill so that kind of made up for the predictable part in this book. Although I think the romance at some points was a little bit overdone and not realistic anymore. That because there's a sudden change and that character isn't acting as it was before. It really took away the romance in my opinion, but it did get better further in the story. 

What I was very fond of in the story was that when you had longer parts where nothing happened, you really got surprised with something mysterious or thrilling. I never saw it coming that it was going to happen 'now' or 'what' was going to happen. The mystery around the evil past and the evil threatening our main character Sky, wasn't predictable which I was happy about. It also stayed a mystery for a longer period. That while the mystery around Zed his crazy talk and aspects about Sky were told sooner in this story. I don't know if I'm really bothered about that because there was a greater mystery roaming around. 

One thing I really hated at one point in this story where her parents. In the beginning I thought they were really nice and all but at a certain point while you're reading it's as if they don't know Sky is alive. They just start planning things, even if she doesn't want it, and go with the flow. I didn't like it because in the beginning they talk a lot with Sky, they consider things as a family. Then they just acted instead of think. It really bothered me that they had this sudden change because later on they're back to normal. I don't know if it was Joss Stirling's intention or not but it just bothered me, especially after they were so nice and protective.

Overall this book was an okay read. I did like reading the book but I had more expectations. My niece thought it was a great book so I was already assuming some things. I'm glad I read the book because it was a nice change and I also fell in love with some parts but for me, I'm sure there are better books. It's not necessarily a bad book, it was good but I wasn't left speechless at the end. 

"You have half our gifts, I have the other..."

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