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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Book Feast 2015 Book Haul and update

After waiting for a week it was finally time! As every year we go to the Book Feast, it's a big place where you can find all sorts of books for a cheaper price. It's kind of tradition, together with my family and the family of my mom's sister we go pay it a visit.

Before I left I already had a goal! My friend Fien is a big fan of the Hunger Games and I never read the books. I don't know why that is really but she said I really needed to read them. When I got the advertisement of the Book Feast 2015 I saw that all 3 books were 15 euro's together. Normally each book is 15 euro's so this was kind of a very nice bargain. I had my eyes on it and I wouldn't walk out of that hall without them... or well it didn't go as planned...

I came into the hall and then there's this first row with all the books from the advertisement. The ones that would be a bargain or just really good reads. I walked there with my niece, they weren't there. Eventually we just walked through all the rows that could possibly be our genre, I still didn't find them!

My mother eventually went to ask where we could find them and the women said: "They're all gone. They were sold out really fast." I was ready to die right there! I just couldn't believe it and I said it before I left, that they probably would be sold out, all of them! Look who was right?! But the women said that they'd have an extension of the Feast, which is really rare, and that they might come in then. 

That obviously didn't make my disappointment go away. I really wanted those books! So with my new friend disappointment, I went on the lookout for other books. Normally all the genres are indicated but my niece and me didn't find Young Adult. Just like last year! The problem is that it didn't and never gets a big sign so people usually can't find it. 

It was next to the sign Color and Activity so obviously we thought, oh that's something we don't need to go to. Young Adult was right there though and once we knew that I took two books and didn't put them back. The first one was Finding Sky by Joss Stirling, it's in Dutch though! I didn't really mind it because the cover was absolutely stunning and the story appealed to me. I saw that it had really good rates and for that price, you can't put it back!

The second book I took into my hands was Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare. It's the second book in the Infernal Devices, I know. And I don't have the first one but hear me out! You're walking on this Book Feast and look around, your eye catches this nice gorgeous glittering book. Above that it's a hardcover! You think "No, I don't have the first book. I can't take it!" but then you look at the prince and you think... It's gorgeous, stunning, a damn hardcover for this price? Who puts that down?! 

I was doubting though but decided to take it with me since I really wanted to read the series anyway and then I already have the second one. What harm is there in doing that? So we go back to our parents and walk with them, since we already saw everything. My sister walks up to me and says that the women we asked about for the Hunger Games was walking there, searching, with books from the Hunger Games in her hands. 

This is the funniest story in my life really! I didn't have glasses on so I couldn't see it, my niece couldn't see it either and my mom passes by walking after her. When the women stops, my mother stops pretending to look at something right in front of her while trying to catch what the women has in her hands. The women is back on the move and she's going faster! Right to the cash registers. And suddenly, my niece, mother, sister and I are almost running after her. It was so funny to see it happen because I was the last one! I was kind of coming behind and trying to catch up but then there were these kids that were in front of me and I almost ran them over. Sorry kids! 

And the women stops again so we stop, all four of us by stacks of normal paper. "Do we need paper? Do you know that?" then we started looking around. It was so obvious! The women returns and then stops next to us and asks politely if we were the ones that asked for the Hunger Games Trilogy. 

As nonchalantly as possible my mom says yes and asks why and the women just found the trilogy on a return table. At the end, people can just lay books on it they eventually don't want to take with them. The employees take those and go lay them on their right location so other people can buy it.  So that's the story on how I lost my friend disappointment and thanked the Book Gods for this gift! 

Also I want to thank my sister for seeing the women and the women (whose name I couldn't read on her shirt) that remembered the sad teenage bookaddict that needed those books, and wanted them that day! Without them, I would've gone home with sad faces and 'only' two books. My day was completed! 

So now I'm home with two books and a trilogy. I did find it rather disappointing this year! Normally there are so many Young Adults but this time there wasn't a lot to buy... and it was the same for the other genres. On a good period you can find all the books by Cassandra Clare and even the Maze Runner, all those books are all over the place but this year there was absolutely nothing! 

I didn't regret going though, I got what I wanted and I always love to go to the Book Feast because it's just amazing! 

Now the update! As I already said I was going to read every day one story from the book My True Love Gave To Me until Christmas, hoping that I finished it by then. Today was the day I started, just like planned. The first story is by Rainbow Rowell called Midnights

I so enjoyed this little story! Absolutely stunning! It's about New Year's Eve and we get a little teaser of what happens on New Year's Eve that year but then go back in time to see why this actually happens. After the flashbacks we get back to the present and see what happens next. 

I honestly fell in love with this story! I don't want to spoil more but I can only say I wish that this happened to me on New Year's Eve. 
Also I can't wait for the second story which'll be by the author Kelly Link. I'm really curious since I never read a book written by her. 

I'll try to update whenever I liked the story and stories that follow! 
12 days until Christmas!
19 days until New Year's Eve!
I'm so excited!

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