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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

December TBR

I know I've been kind of absent for a very long time but I have a good reason: the exams. They've been taking a lot of time and when I had some spare time after studying, I tried to catch up with some reading. This brings me to my To Be Read-list of the last month of 2015! 

Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire
As you might or might not know, I read Beautiful Disaster some months ago. I also did a review on it which you can find here. Back then I said how much I loved the book and I couldn't wait to read it in Travis POV. 
I've got my hands on the book! So basically it's the same story but then in Travis's point of view. There are new scenes obviously because Abby and Travis weren't always together so I'm very interested in those. Mainly because I want to know what Travis did in his spare time other than going out and fight. So I'm really excited to read this book! I'm sure it will be as good as Beautiful Disaster since I adored that book and really was a big fan of Travis!

"Every story has two sides."

Flight by Alyssa Rose Ivy
My next book that I want to read this December is Flight. I find it in the recommendations when I was on a online shop for books and I also want to mention that it isn't really known. I loved the cover immediately, though now I have it in my hands I did wish the cover wasn't that dark. If there isn't a lot of light surrounding you, you can't stare at it as much as I'd like to... Now the story! It's basically about a girl that goes to live with her dad in New Orleans. It's what she needs, just a break from it all. Her parents have been divorced since she was born and their relationship after that wasn't as great. 
She meet someone. Of course! As in all the books I'm drawn to the girl always meet someone. She had sworn she wouldn't be hanging out with any guy for the summer after her breakup. But things don't always go the way you plan it. The boy is just mysterious, he grabs her attention, he's handsome, has an ego (which guy in a book doesn't?). Let's just stick with the fact that he's definitely something
I couldn't buy the books in Belgium or the Netherlands so I had to let them come from Book Depository, not that I minded! 

"Sometimes you just have to take flight."

Focus by Alyssa Rose Ivy

But if I decide to check in with Book Depository, I make sure to buy a few books. This due to that it just takes so long for them to arrive. And since I only can get the series from there, I decided to (why not?) just let the second book in the series come with it. It's also a book I'll be reading in the month of December! I think the cover isn't as appealing to me as the cover of the first book but that won't stop me. The story obviously builds further on Allie and her summer in New Orleans but I don't think I should tell any details now. It would only ruin the story, wouldn't it? 

"It’s just a game we’re playing.”

My True Love Gave Me by Stephanie Perkins (Editor)
It's December which means the holidays aren't that far away. That's basically why I decided to grab a book that brings me in the mood of Christmas. This books doesn't handle 1 story, it handles 12 stories. Short stories basically but I don't mind that! I'd love to try and read one story a day and start the 12th... That way I really read towards Christmas! 
As I said this story is divided in 12 stories which means 12 different authors... These writers are the ones that came up with the brilliant idea of combining their passion for writing: Holly Black, Ally Carter, Matt de la Pena, Gayle Forman, Jenny Han, David Levithan, Kelly Link, Myra McEntire, Rainbow Rowell, Laini Taylor and Kiersten White. 

My titel says Stephanie Perkins because she's the editor of the book so she kinds of needs the credit of being mentioned to in my opinion! She puts in as much work as the others. I haven't read books by all of the writers mentioned, but I am really curious. I haven't found any information about what the stories are about since I haven't even read a review. I just looked at the score it was giving and the rather short description on Goodreads.
The book should've been arrived today but unfortunately it got delayed... Damn Christmas shoppers! Ah well, they promised it would arrived the 11th so it'll be in time. 

"So curl up by the fireplace and get cozy. You have twelve reasons this season to stay indoors and fall in love."

World After by Susan EE
Last month I read the first one in this (beautiful) series: Angelfall. My friend Fien from , recommended the series to me. If you might not know it or you forgot, I'm a huge fan of books with anything that flies. ANYTHING. Angels, Fallen Angels, even books with ravens in it (and then I'm talking about a very good book series by Pt Michelle!) and this book just had my craving in it. And I was very fond of it! The book went by so fast and I was so sad that it was over because I didn't have the second book! Well... I kind of do now... Oh and I might also have bought the third and last one in the series. Whoops! 
As every second book it builds onto the first one. There's an Apocalypse and Penryn loses someone she really loves during it. Determinate to find her bereaved loved one back, she'd do anything. Even work with the enemy. Things went down in the first book, I'm telling you it's GOOD
I'm very curious on what the second book has for me. A quick look at the back tells me that Penryn and the enemy might get eye to eye again. If it'll be like the first book and therefore for a good cause is unknown to me. Who knows maybe the world will be fine? Maybe it's worse? Maybe, just maybe, I fall in love with the enemy... Who knows?

"The survivors of the angel apocalypse begin to scrape back together what's left of the modern world."

So these are the books I really want to read this month but that doesn't mean there might not be any others on their way already. And I might start reading in those too! What is your TBR for this last month full of Christmas Joy? 

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