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Sunday, December 13, 2015


Only two more exams to go and then it's finally a break from school. Although we have a lot of homework, I plan to read an review a lot more. Some days ago I finished some amazing book: Flight by Alyssa Rose Ivy. 
As you might have already read in my TBR of December, I found the book while browsing on an online book shop. I kind of fell head over heals right then and there because of the cover but I was shocked that it wasn't really known. And with that I mean on Instagram for example, I usually find thousands of tags from the books I read but this time it wasn't the case. Goodreads gave it a 3.91 out of five stars. I didn't read any reviews, I just wanted them. 

Alison flees from her ex-boyfriend and accepts the invitation of her dad. Her parents have been divorced since she was a kid and their relationship has never been really good after that. She drives all the way to New Orleans, feeling happy that she's getting an escape. 

Ever since her breakup she swore off men. No more boys that either break her heart or with who she didn't feel any sparks. She'd have a nice summer of her own without that kind of trouble. Or well, she at least hoped so... 

As in every book I read, the girl meets a guy. It's exactly how it goes down, she meets a guy and she might be a little drawn to him. She tries to fight it but the boy... he's just so mysterious, he grabs her attention, he's handsome, has an ego. Let's just stick with the fact that he's definitely something. The only question is will she be able to stay away? 

This book started going really fast. The beginning is in my point of view very fast paced but if I really minded it is another question. I can't really say it ruined the book but I do think that because of it's fast moving, it kind of took away mystery that could've lingered more. 

You just get to know things a lot sooner than some slower paced books. I swear though it wasn't fast paced the whole time! I just missed the thrill in the beginning and the longing and the feels! Talking about feels, I've got many. MANY! 

Let's start with our main female character: Alison. She's on a very good spot on the boys market, she's had relationships before but there's just something stopping her. She just broke up with her boyfriend because she didn't feel it. The sparks. She also always seemed to pick the wrong guys and mostly the ones with big ego's.
 Allie's parents are divorced, as I said before, which also leads to a constant longing for her parents. She's very close with her mother but she really wanted that her dad would spend time with her too. 

He doesn't. Her father isn't around a lot in the book either. He invited her to come and work in his hotel and even provides a room where she and a friend can stay. I was kind of irritated with the man, you let your daughter come to you for the summer but where in the hell are you most of the time? I felt the same anger Alison sometimes felt with her father. 

Another character who I really enjoyed was Allison's friend: Jessica or as her friends call her Jess. She's very exuberant and is kind of the party girl. She loves boys, she picks up multiple boys in the story but then we get to see a side of her I never thought we'd see. She's kind of keeping on a mask and somewhere in the story we see the mask shatter into tiny pieces. It was... emotional but also very interesting to see the change, I didn't expect that. 

Now my favorite character of this book: Levi. He's such a jerk! Absolutely no doubt, he has such a big ego! But then again he's very mysterious and from the description we get, he's very handsome. In a way he made me think about Daemon from the LUX-series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. If you read those books you know what I'm talking about. 

It's also very obvious something is up with him. He just acts really weird, he blows off all the girls when he's with Alison. Above that Owen and Jared are always by his side. All the freaking time! It's not that I minded them there but it obviously caused suspicion. 

Owen is more the quiet guy of the group. He listens and he's really funny once he dares saying something. I see him more of the guy that has a lot of wisdom. And more as the older brother of the group.
Jared is the complete opposite but does has some traits like Levi. He's an arrogant bastard but I did find a moment in the book that he was actually not who I thought he was. Kind of like Jess though, he's an absolute magnate to the opposite gender. 

The characters really surprised me. When you thought you knew them, you actually didn't. There'd happen something that shows you that they have another side to them. 

They just make sure you never get boring with them which I'm very fond of. It's the first book I ever read by Alyssa Rose Ivy but if all her characters are like this, versatile and exciting, I might get more books of her.

The story was as I said a little bit fast paced at the beginning but once you're into it, it 'slows down'. Other than that I really enjoyed the book a lot! The mystery will eventually unravel itself and once you get the mystery out of its blinds, you'll know exactly why I loved this book so much.

One thing that did kind of bother me was that Allison was so calm with it. I can't believe how relaxed she was and how accepting! Even when certain events happened, she was calm. Well, after she got so furious that I just couldn't stop laughing. I did understand her reaction but somehow I did think it was funny! After these things unraveled and she got mad, she got awfully calm. That kind of bothered me because most girls who find something out like that will have a little shock after, then accept it and then be calm about it. She was just calm and excited. Where's the shock? The avoiding? And then the excitement? But other than that, this was a fantastic read!

Do I recommend the book? Yes. I'd call it kind of a more 'simple' read as in, it's not as mysterious as other books, it's not as romantic as other books but if you liked Daemon you'll like Levi. In another life they might have been brother! It was something that I enjoyed and was also my genre of books... if that explains it more. 

If you're wondering if it'd be the book you'd read, I'd place it under the genres: paranormal, fantasy and shifters. And if you'd like to know more about it, here's the link to Goodreads

I've already got the second book in my hands and I might be having it in my hands because it's my next review to write. Now. This very evening. I finished it in a day... But I can tell you, I found it even better than the first one! The cover isn't as appealing to me as the cover from Flight but more about the story will follow  in another review!

"Sometimes you just have to take flight."

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