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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sweet Evil

I think it is about time that I review one of my favorite Angel-alike stories! Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins. Last September we even got all three books of this trilogy in the perspective of the main male character, I couldn't have been happier!

Sweet Anna Whitt always has been special. She senses the emotions of others, sees their colors. Yet she doesn't see it as something special, more as something that makes her crazy. She also can't deny the pull she feels towards danger, but tries to avoid it at all costs. That is until she meets Kaiden Rowe and is pulled  in a whole new world. Secrets are revealed and Anna starts to question who she really is. Together with bad boy Kaiden she tries to find out. Forced to face her destiny, will Anna choose her halo or her horns?

First of all, I was enchanted by the cover. I just loved the colors and the dress, the darker and more mysterious background. I was pulled toward this book, as Anna is being pulled to danger. 

In the beginning of the story I was really curious to where this might lead. The first impression I got from Anna was that she's a really smart and nice girl. She doesn't like lying, she doesn't like to be a bad person and feels guilty. I liked that part about her, many stories concentrate on a good girl but in Anna I really saw a very good girl. Anna's character is quiet and reserved, but very loyal and protective. Though many times in the book other characters tell her she has a naive side. She's quiet the innocent girl! I was very curious to how she'd respond to danger she might get faced with or if she'd get onto the wrong path. But mainly how this would all influence her feelings and behavior. 

Also her special gift intrigued me immediately. I love stories with characters that can sense the emotions of others by their color. It just makes it so much more fun to read because the people can try and show you that they're upset while that character with the gift then can see that that person is only pretending and is actually feeling differently. These gifts will bring some difficulties with them in the story and I was very keen on it. 

As for Kaiden Rowe, he got me immediately. I fell in love with this character from the first moment Anna sees him. He just seems so interesting yet impossible! He's pretending to be so tough but I felt like there was more to this character than only just that. 

Though I didn't really know what I had to expect of his intentions. I was constantly doubting if he was a good guy or a bad one. He's a boy your daddy warns you about, I wished I was warned! This guy plays with the reader's heart, a lot. But I was a great fan of this character too because he had various sides that we can explore in the book! 

Another character that I thought was great was Anna's adoption mother, Patti. She was just such a lovely character! The whole adoption aspect will be explained briefly in the book but that's not really what captured me with Patti. She just represented such a lovely, soft and caring person. She really sees the best in everyone and wants to give everyone a chance, she feels guilty very easily. And Patti wants the best for Anna too, which sometimes gives you doubts if she feels okay herself. She just puts everyone first and then herself, I really respected her for that! 

The story itself never was boring. Of course there's quiet some mystery around everything, it all gets explained really well and you won't be left with questions toward aspects. For me, this book kept surprising me with juicy as well as funny moments in the book. 

It does concentrate a lot on Anna and Kaiden which also made it quiet interesting to where this might lead. Anna is the innocent one but Kaiden, he's different. This leads to colliding characters, impossible moments but also very protective and caring ones. Wendy Higgins really gives you a varied book that doesn't has repetitions, it's never boring. She kept me entertained! 

And it has a lot of feels. This is why it kept my attention too, I just felt so much during this book and enjoyed reading every word in it. The end does make you crave for the second book! I couldn't wait to read more about Anna and to see how she would further develop in her journey to the truth as well as righteousness! But I also was very interested in how the other character would develop, like Kaiden. That guy I swear, he gets under your skin and really grows on you! So you are warned. 

This whole book gets under your skin and grows on you. If you're looking for a funny yet some mysterious read then I highly recommend the Sweet Evil-trilogy by Wendy Higgins! It keeps your attention because it gives you a lot of variation but also because of the feels and characters. You really can connect with the main characters and eventually they'll be in your head constantly. You just want to know more, which keeps you reading on. And I can already tell you that the second and third book are spectacular! So go buy the book, you won't regret it if you're into Angel-Demon-alike books!

"Embrace the forbidden" 

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