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Wednesday, February 3, 2016


A few days ago, I said that there's a new angel series I was beginning. It's also the first book I was going to read in the month February, which means I'm being on track with my TBR-list! I'm really excited about this first in a series: Shadows by Paula Weston

Gaby's life has changed because of her twin brother. She's entangled with grief and nightmares about Jude dying, about demons and angels fighting and an unknown good looking guy helping her. She tries to run from it all, but always gets stranded at the beach being reminded of her brother. A year later, she's still living there and the nightmares keep hunting her. 
It isn't until the unknown mysterious guy appearing in a bar, that her nightmares stop. But so does her reality... Together with this guy comes a whole new world, and whole new truths. Everything she believed might have been a lie. Gaby is confused in what and who she has to believe but there isn't much time to negotiate with herself because the hunting season has been opened. Everyone is hunting one person down, who was supposed to be dead and her name is: Gaby

This book wasn't as good as other angel series I've read, I have to be honest about it. But it still left such a great impression on me! For me the Sweet Evil and Hush Hush series will always be the best but I did enjoy this one a lot too! 

Let's just start with our main character Gaby. Gaby is feeling lost without her twin brother, Jude, who died in the accident. Every night she wakes up because she relived it through a nightmare but it isn't all she dreams. She sees demons, a mysterious guy and herself fighting. She just feels like it's the grief that's doing this to her. She's seeking for closure but doesn't find any and that makes her character a little irritated as well as sad. I was keen on seeing that in her, the realistic aspects of grief. 

But it seems like all is a lie when the good looking guy of her nightmares comes to see her. He tells her she's not who she thinks she is is, he tells her she's from a whole other world and Gaby declares him insane. What I loved most about this part was that both characters were irritated by each other. We had already established the fact that Gaby has a temper but this other character isn't the tame one himself. This causes an irritated but funny (at times) dialogue. Soon there's danger roaming around and Gaby doesn't have a choice but try and trust this mysterious guy...

Speaking of this mysterious guy, the first time I met him in this book I was also convinced he was a stupid bastard. He just says something that irritated me and made me think of Daemon from the Lux-series, as well as Kai from the Sweet Evil-series. I was irritated by Rafa, he had an ego and what he said wasn't something I was fond of! But those were only the feels speaking so no harm done! 

Rafa is one of Jude's friends, or so he says. There's still a big mystery around this character and even at the end of the book I was still feeling unsatisfied about it. We don't get to know that much about Rafa but I hope that the many questions I have about him will be answered in the following book! As I said, he wasn't really kind in the beginning. He has an ego and a temper, I felt like he was a lot like Gaby. But I do see the biggest development in his character, there comes a moment where we see glimpses of his other side! And man, was I happy about that... 

The only remark I have according to the characters is that I wished there was more about Jude. Of course there are memories being told and things being said about him but I still feel like he's one big question mark. I hope the other books will take care of that part though! 

The plot started out a little slow to my taste but after that, it goes some quicker. The last 200 pages were the best ones to me because they had the most action and there we get to know this so called 'other world' even better. It has a lot of action that is for sure, but there's also a lot of suspicion... 

This because many come for Gaby and want to take her. We don't know who they are, they barely introduce themselves but it does awakes the reader's senses. What if one of them was the one who messed with Gaby's memories? Because that's the greatest question of it all. Gaby doesn't remember anything, she thinks she lives another life but it's all built on lies. 

Throughout the story there comes more mystery to one character in particular and I was such a great fan of him in the beginning! Yet he disappointed me towards the ending. But I do ship him with another character and I just hope he gives a turn to his character! 

Another aspect I really liked in this book was that in this new world, the world was also very divided. And because of that there were so many sides to this story. Some believed this part while others believes in a whole other truth. It was like also the reader was supposed to take a side. I was fond of that! 

The plot wasn't only thrilling or a mystery with many questions, it was also very funny. Many characteristics collide with one an other and that gave me a total amused smile. I even laughed out loud! So it isn't all seriousness in this book. But the biggest surprise is yet to come at the ending! 

This book was as good as I had expected it. I enjoyed it really a lot! This was also the first book I've read by this author and it left a great impression on me. If you're looking for a good bit of mystery with colliding characters, this is a fantastic read to begin with! Also this cover from the pictures is way more beautiful than the one Goodreads suggested to my opinion. I can't wait for the second part in this series! I've already read a preview that you get with the first book and it looks smoking good! Oh and if it wasn't all that clear yet, I recommend this book to everyone who likes books based on angels and demons!

“Love. Nightmares. Angels. War.” 

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