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Friday, March 4, 2016

La Fille de Papier

Our first French book for this year was one we could choose! The teacher has some copies of 5 books and I picked La Fille de Papier by Guillaume Musso. I didn't know that this book would turn out this good to be honest. Of all the books I've read for my French classes in all those years, this one was the most surprising and best one I've ever read. I'd even recommend it to read it in French! 

Tom Boyd is a writer and the first two books of his trilogy are a big hit! Above that Tom has two good friends and falls in love with the lovely Aurore who is a celebrity too. Yet Aurore doesn't feel like it can last and leaves the famous writer. 
Devastated and torn Tom decides not to finish the last book in the trilogy. The story ends in the middle of the book with an unfinished chapter. He's just done with it and meanwhile gets on the wrong path of life. That it until a mysterious women arrives in his house, one that looks very alike the main character of his book. Soon decisions he once made will change or there will be consequences. 

The synopsis was the thing that really captured my attention because it creates a lot of mystery and many questions come in mind to who the girl might be. Especially with the title! So I was very keen on this book in comparison with the rest. Also the cover isn't ugly at all, on the contrary it's actually quiet nice. 

But not only the synopsis and cover are nice, also each and every character in this book. There are 4 important characters which are Tom, Carole, Milo and the mysterious girl. Those 4 will help each other even if it means to help them with weird affaires. 

Tom is a writer and it's also through his eyes that the story is written. In the beginning I was a little bit offish towards this character because he was bad. This devastated that keeping himself locked up and stop writing was the only thing there was for him. 

Though we soon see a change in his character and ever since then we see the real side of him. He snarks at times, defends himself but also questions a lot. And yes, he's still into Aurore who we'll see in this book too. 

Then Carole and Milo. Both characters are best friends of Tom and are also very nice characters to read about. It's actually the parts where these two were that I enjoyed the most because they affect each other a lot. On the one side we have Carole, who's a police officer and also very serious while Milo is the one who makes weird statements, and isn't the serious one of the two. I also feel like Milo is more the funny guy in this story but he has his serious and sincere moments in the books.

Both care a lot about Tom and that's reflected in the book. They both want Tom back on the good path, back to what he loves in his life which isn't Aurore but writing. That means both will go very far (which you can interpret figuratively but also literally) to save Tom. So I'd say friendship is a theme in this story that's very important. The three of them will lean onto each other and need each other through this very surprising adventure. 

When I mean surprising I'm actually referring to the fourth and last important character in this book which is the mysterious lookalike of Tom's main character. She also is acting as if she really is Billie. In the beginning I thought she was just some crazy fan infiltrating in Tom's house but soon the story will make you doubt it and question a lot of what happens. Especially around "Billie". 

The characters are very nice to read about but also very approachable, with that I mean that you can really understand how they feel and maybe even can relate to them. Also I was happy that there were 4 important characters. Many times there are 2 main characters and the others come around but aren't that important. These four will be needed to complete the story and find out what to do next. 

I might have already made it look like this is more of a mysterious story. I have to say yes but only partly. There is some sort of mystery especially around the mysterious girl. But with that I don't only mean the superficial of "who is she" but also what will happen with her, and if things are real. 

The story is also very adventurous because they see many countries such as the US, Mexico but also France (Paris). The original plan for Tom and Billie was to go to Mexico. Billie would try to convince Aurore to come to Tom and Tom would write his story but that was after "Billie" 'conducted' Tom. There's a whole story around this but I don't want to go into details because it's actually pretty funny. 

Anyway they go to Mexico but are followed by Tom's best friends for a reason that'll become clearer after reading the funny part that lead Tom and Billie to Mexico. Plans are disturbed when things go wrong with Billie. It's actually really weird what happens and first I thought it was something philosophic with a deeper meaning that I didn't got but then... Wow. It was real... or seemed serious business at least.

Things change a lot in this story only to build towards the ending which was also very surprising in my opinion but also a little predicable. Well, I have to come back on that statement, you could think it's a predictable end but the story isn't the end by then. And what happens next really surprised me in a very good way. I was flabbergasted, felt like I missed something very important here. The big lines of the ending were predictable but there was a nice turn in it which I found very surprising and was very keen on. 

Now, I read this story in French and I'd recommend it in French too not because I think that reading it in English would be more difficult but it's just very nice to read it in French. I understood almost the whole book with exception of some details and bigger parts but it didn't bother me at all. 

Also something that I was in love with in this book was every beginning of each new chapter! There was a quote at each beginning and I really like quotes so I was happy that the author used that to begin something new with! 

This book was very surprising and an easier read. It wasn't boring at all and each and every character was just so open and had its own character which I was a great fan of. The story is also very thrilling as well as adventurous in my opinion. I really enjoyed reading this book because I couldn't stop reading in it, and I just kept turning those pages. For short? I recommend this book to everyone who wants something special and refreshing as well as something that will make you feel so much at the ending.

"Les liens se font et se défont, c'est la vie."

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