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Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Finally! It's time to review a book about angels. You all know how much I love books with those kind of people, and finally I've read a second part in a book series of angels. I'm talking about the book Haze by Paula Weston. Even though I said in my review of Shadows that it wasn't the best angels themed book I read, this one surprised me and does make things a lot more interesting than first. 

Note: This is a second in a series, this means changes and developments have been happening. I recommend you not to read on in this review, since you might know more than you should. If you are interested in this series or want to read the first book, I wrote a review on Shadows that you can find HERE

Now Gaby knows she's different from what she first thought, she still struggles with not knowing enough. Unable to remember her old life, Gaby is touching in the dark. People who know her, are mad at her, hate her or want her to tell them what she was doing one year ago. And Demons are hunting her down because also they want her. The only constant in her life is Rafa, who keeps his own secrets and doesn't let loose anything about their past together. But the biggest thing she can't comprehend is that her twin brother might be alive...

This book was even more entertaining than the first book in this series was. Not only because we see such a big difference with the characters but also because it's even more suspenseful and filled with more action and an amazing plot twist at the end! 

First of, Gaby. Last time around, I said she had a temper and even though it often shines through her character she's also a lot more calm and composed. The fact that her twin brother, Jude, might be alive makes us see a whole other Gabe. The one that doesn't grieve any more. However we do see that Gaby is having a hard time with finding hope and believing in it. I loved to see that in her character! 

She's also very insecure. Gaby now knows what she is but she still thinks too much about what she is and isn't capable of and this leads to frustration with herself and others being frustrated with her. Speaking of the others, the others make her feel insecure too because they're very hard on her whenever they see her. They all want to know what she was doing with her brother one year ago but Gaby doesn't remember anything. She doesn't even remember those people. This will lead to anger and frustration, but people also hold past events above her head. This is another thing that will make her vulnerable. Especially when she'll be able to compare herself with others. 

As for Rafa, I love that guy! He cares so much for Gaby and is her only constant in her life. The thing I loved to see in this character is that he's sweet and wants to make Gaby feel better about herself. Although this means he also keeps things from her that happened between them in the past. When Gaby doesn't want this, he does lose his temper and we see a glimpse of the old Rafa. Yet he'll do anything to help her and support her which I adore about this character. We now see the soft side of Rafa, although he won't disappoint us when he needs to come in action! 

I'd love to talk about another character too, but I've just decided not to. Only because I want you guys to find out for yourself! I do want to say that I loved the characters because they bring a lot of action and emotions in the book. There'll be passion, tension between loved ones, hard and sad moments but also a lot of action and toughness. For short: the characters didn't disappoint.

As for the plot, the action was on point and there! It's not that we only get action at the end of the book, no! We get more and this differs from fights against demons to fights in a bar so we get to see various fights but all of them created action and I lived for those moments.

If there isn't any action, they're busy with finding clues to where Jude might be or there are some very tension filled, drama, caring moments between my absolute ship! I absolutely ship Gaby and Rafa! Absolutely! So I really lived for the moments where they tried to soothe each other and make each other laugh, but I also loved the moments where they were angry at each other and tried to make up for it later on. This is me hoping  that my ship will become reality... I was keen on the fact that the action was alternated with soft, caring and filled with feels parts. 

Their friendship will also go to a whole new level, especially now they want to find Jude. Jude is important for the both of them so the plot will now take a very interesting turn on the twin brother. In my last review, on the first book, I said I wanted to know more about Jude. I guess the Bookgods have heard my prayers and they have responded to me! Yes, information about Jude will come at us and it won't be a few sentences! 

Other important things in the plot that I really loved was a closer look at the division between the Rephaim. It sorted a few things out that we might've been questioning before or that we started questioning in this book. It also made us see differences and how Gaby must've responded in the past and see her respond to things now. Meeting with both parts of the division and meeting new characters made this a very pleasant thing in the plot.

And of course, what are angels without Demons? NOTHING! This book will go even more in detail on Demons and we'll get to know more species of Demons which I enjoyed. Especially because there's something the Demons want to have very badly and none of them are ready to give it. Ever. 

Lastly, I want to underscore that there are a few plot twists in it. Not only at the ending, which by the way was such a surprise! Also with a few weird characters that'll be new in this book, there'll be a huge discovery which I got very excited about. Above that people from the past will be coming around and the news they bring is very, very mysterious. Plot twists are always an asset to a book in my opinion so I was happy! 

Overall, this book was better than the first. Not only did the characters show us their soft side, they also showed us yet again how strong they are and what they're capable of. They support each other and try to find the truth to the memory loss of Gaby and the loss of Jude. The book will take some interesting turns that will make sure you want the second book! The plot is very strong and takes turns in action and sentimental, caring moments between the characters. The division between the Rephaim and the Demons will also get a very big part in the book which I really was keen on because it gave us answers and new questions. This book never bored me, I couldn't put it down! I can't wait for more... I need more! By the way, I do recommend this series! 

"Because I'm not smart enough to give up, and you don't know how to."

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