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Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Yesterdays of Tomorrow

Time to review a book that's been sitting unfinished for a long, long while. The reason why I haven't finished it yet is because I haven't been able to really get into the book. I did decide to try once again to read the book and when I was around page 80, I finally felt really pulled into the story which was a good thing because the rest of the book... waw! This is a very nice end in this duology: The Yesterdays of Tomorrow by Jessica Hernandez

Note: this book is not a first in a series! It's the second and last book in this duology. I highly recommend not reading on since further developments and changes have been happening in The Yesterdays of Tomorrow. If you're interested in this series, I do have a review on the first book which was a great story! Review on Capering on Glass Bridges HERE!

31549129A year later and the curse is still roaming over the lands. Kaia and the rest are doing everything they can to restore the lands and lift the curse. However, not all darkness has been gone and many secret plans are still around. It's getting harder and harder to know who to trust and who is lying to who. When the curse will be lifted, if it ever will be lifted, would everything be back to normal? Or is there new darkness coming their way? War is coming... Kaia and her friends will be going through tough times and desperate times ask for desperate measures.

First of all the characters because wow, do they know a development! Kaia has been really the most surprising. At the end of Capering on Glass Bridges, I already knew this character would have a lot of potential to grow further and to become a very strong woman as a character. And I was not surprised to see that indeed she did make this change!

Kaia will really get into the learning to fend for herself and defeat the ones that go against all that is wrong. I really loved to see how she grew to become a very strong and independent girl. Although I already thought she was very independent and mature of nature, she showed us in The Yesterdays of Tomorrow that she really can be even more and learns to fend for herself! 

What shocked me the most is what she'll do to lift this curse. I never thought she'd really go through with these drastic measures to lift the curse and to fight off all the darkness that comes with it. The desperate times that she'll meet will really ask a lot of her and when I thought she wouldn't go through with it she always went further and made many sacrifices. I really admire her for all she does in this story, for the people and for the lands because wow... she'll do things I had never in my life in this book had expected her to do! A very great character that knew a very big development!

As for the other characters in the book, I feel like this book was more about Kaia than the others as she will part ways at some points. However I did notice slight changes in each of the characters and also felt that family bonding they had going on once again. I'm really keen on the fact that the brothers slash princes, Kaia and her sister have such a strong bonding and work so well together. It really melts my heart. I also really adore the brothers, they sometimes bicker but I like that! Their connection to one another and what they'll do for one another is yet another thing to really admire in them!

This also means I still really enjoyed the bond between sisters! In my review on the first book, I had already told you how keen I was on the sisters. Even though this book concentrates on Kaia's quest and the sisters being a part for a while, they're still going strong and I still was a great fan of them when they were reunited. What a strong pair they are!

Also, can I just point out Kaia and Warren? Like in Capering on Glass Bridges I felt like they'd be such a great team and yes, this book will give us some more perspective on these two friends. I really adored seeing them together as I secretly hoped they'd be together. They were my OTP from the very first beginning in Capering on Glass Bridges but if something will ever come out of it is a question you should find the answer on by reading this book! 

Which actually brings us to the plot, talking about my OTP's I remember there be little to actually no romance in the first book in this duology. Did I regret that? No, it was a really new thing for me to have a book that doesn't contain some sort of love. I really was keen on seeing the strong build of the plot that wasn't about romance at all in Capering on Glass Bridges, however the second book will make a bit of space for romance and can I say I actually adored it?

It won't be a book filled with love but it'd be rather something subtle, raw and tender. The main focus will still be on solving the problems on the lands and do things for the greater good. Even though the focus wasn't on romance, I did really appreciate the little love being there and make it something oh so sweet! 

This plot was also a lot more surprising than I had first anticipated, I really had thought this would be about lifting the curse and problems with trying to reverse what has happened to make the curse come into place. Although there will be some things to be handled to help lift the curse, there's another thing that will be a greater concern!

What would happen after the curse is lifted? Will the curse ever be lifted? I really feel like I can't say a lot because I don't really want to go spoiling it since it really surprised me. What I really do want to say is that I was shocked by the amount of trust issues that will arise and the lies that will be told. All of a sudden things seem even more dangerous and it will make sure that our main character will have to make hard decisions.

People will be parted, reunited, re-found, there will be loss and love and tears. Really, tears. And I really had never anticipated for all of this to happen. These hard decisions will make sure that Kaia has to fight for the ones she loves when they're in need and also means she'll prepare for whatever is coming her way. I really can't say this enough but the suspense and the betrayal are real! I did have some suspicion to some characters in the first book but then my feeling told me: it's nothing! Waw, my feeling was right! 

But it's not only Kaia that will do whatever it takes to free the lands and fend for her family and friends. Many of the characters will make sacrifices that'll cause so much loss and heartbreak with the reader, like really I couldn't do this! But then BAM the author hits us with a plot twist and things seem lies and not what they once were, or were they? The reader will be pulled into the position of trying to figure out what is going on: lies or truths? Twisted truths? Especially because the characters will have mixed feelings. Some will think someone has betrayed them, others won't believe that someone would ever do that and so the game of truth and loyalty begins. 

Loyalty will also be one of the main things in The Yesterdays of Tomorrow! Loyalty to your king, loyalty to your family and loyalty to your duties. I really loved to see how each of these loyalties were turning onto each other and how this would influence the story further on. Family will also be a very important thing in this story and you'd be amazed when you know who is tied to who. 

Also speaking of family, we'll get to see more of that as well. The princes' will turn towards their family as desperate times are heading their way into the lands. The sisters' family will also make a comeback and I also enjoyed that part. The best thing to this whole family thing though was the fact that Kaia finally gained some answers, as did the readers and I was really pleased to that as well!

If there's one thing I really want to point out is that I really missed the recapitulation in the beginning of the story. It might've been that that made sure I wasn't pulled into the story. Many things had been very deep in my mind on the first book as it had been a while since I read the first book before I started into the second book. So I would suggest to read these two books not too far away from each other, unless you have a much stronger brain than me and know the details even after a few weeks! 

As for the ending WAW, oh waw. I can't believe the author did this to us. When you read it you will know what I mean! I am shocked and lost for words but I really enjoyed the book and that ending made it a stunning ending to the whole duology.

Lastly I really want to thank Jessica Hernandez for granting me this opportunity to read her duology for review. I'm really pleased and happy that I could do this and am really happy she wanted to share the story with me! Thank you!

©Jessica Hernandez
<3 finally="" p="">Although I loved the story, I really had a very hard time to get into it. The author also doesn't take a lot of time to recapitulate what was happening, therefore I felt like I fell in a little void as it had been a while since I read the first book in the series! However, I really did enjoy the book when I reached page 80, the plot then really pulled me in and made me live in the world where the curse must be lifted. The characters will have a hard time and our main character goes through a huge development which I really appreciated! As for the plot, things were really heightened and I never had expected to see everything turn like this! The suspense, the thrill, the trust issues, the lies, the betrayal, the loss, it was ginormous and I devoured it eventually! This is a last in a series so the author has one end of a story ready for you and I was so shocked, a lot of things came as a huge surprise in this book. Even the end! I did enjoy the story, even though I didn't get into it very easily, and really recommend this series. The Yesterdays of Tomorrow is a thrilling and surprising end but oh so good!
<3 finally="" p="">
<3 finally="" p="">"We’ve won and lost."

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