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Tuesday, November 10, 2015


I started reading in this book on 7th of November and yesterday evening I finished it. That does say something about the book. It says that it's actually really, really fantastic! I'm talking about Angelfall by Susan EE. This book has been recommended by my friend, Fien. I'm sure you already 'know' her because I mentioned her in other reviews. She also has a blog where she writes review so go check it out: 

They have arrived. And with 'they' we mean: the Angels. They terrorize the cities, attack human beings, shortly: they're destroying the earth. Penryn wants to bring her family into safety therefore she needs to flee from her hometown and go somewhere else. Together with her mother and sister, Paige who's in a wheelchair, they decide to go into the night because nobody dares coming outside and no gangs from the street will attack them. All goes well until there a fight on the street: an Angel fight. Some terrorize one of their own. Penryn decides to distract the Angels while her mother and sister flee with bad consequences. Her sister is taken by one of the bad guys, leaving behind Penryn to watch and the Angel they fought. Penryn decides to take the Angel and make him lead her to the Devils hole so she can save her baby sister. 

This book is honestly better than I expected. Now, I know I've always been fascinated with books that contain Angels. I might even be obsessed with books about Angels... I remember it was the only thing I wanted to read after the Hush Hush-series: books with Angels. Now I also remember why I was so obsessed with those kind of books. They're absolutely amazing! I'm glad Fien has recommended the book to me, I'll be thanking you my whole life, Fien! So I already want to mention I do recommend the book to any of you who like Angels but also to those who don't. This book will leave you torn apart in a corner of your room, who doesn't like books like that? 

Penryn is the main character of the book and I was very impressed about her. She knew how to handle herself, a knife, she could fight, she can survive. That my ladies and gentleman already makes this a good book. The girl isn't full of self-pity, she's not helpless and she is in control. Hands down for that, I'll even bow for that. I just love it that the author created a different kind of girl. In all the books I've read, none of the girls are so trained as she is and that has one explanation: her mother.

Something is up with her mother and that's why her mom has made Penryn go to the self-defense classes, survival classes and many, many more. Somehow I had a lot of appreciation for her mother. She's different in all kind of ways but I did like it that she was wondering around in the story. 

Paige is in wheelchair, this from since she was a little kid and also that will be explained in the book. I did like Paige because she was the little girl like all little girls in books. Sweet, understanding, she shares things and cares about every human being. Not like evil kids that sometimes run around in my streets, let's say it like that. She's gone, taken by an Angel and there will be a lot about her in the story itself.

Then of course, there is the Angel. The one that was tortured and terrorized by his own kind and left there on the streets. He's picked up and taken care of by Penryn herself which makes me look up to her because I wouldn't dare go to the enemy and just decide to take him with me. Somehow I already knew he was different than the others, I don't know why I just got that feeling from the start, maybe because he decides to help her? I don't know, I just know that I like him! And it doesn't take all too long before both start making jokes which made me laugh. Keeping in mind they're still enemies but do laugh with each other? Wow! The Angel, whom's name I'm not going to say so there are things you can discover yourself, is amazing. I'm just so happy! This book is amazing. This character is amazing! And in the story you also see they're kind of glad they have each others backs, which made it even more better for me. 

I also devoured it that the story started with action. Most books end with the final pages full of action but here the beginning had it too. The whole scene until her sister was captured made me feel thrilled and full of adrenaline because I wanted them to escape but then they didn't so Penryn decides to take an Angel. It's actually full of action but the biggest part that was surprising to me was the beginning. I never had a first book in a series start with action. Never. And I quite like it!

So the characters are good, the story line is amazing. What can be wrong with it right? I do have a little remark but it also can be that it's just me. I didn't get the ending. Not that I didn't understand it, I did but there happens something that I didn't totally get until my friend Fien explained it to me. As I said it might be just me! And about the ending itself, God I feel so devastated. I didn't want it to end like that. Whether that's positive or negative, is something you can find out yourself! But let's just say I can't wait to buy the second and third book! So if you'd ask me if I recommend this book? I'd say yes. Absolutely yes! It's totally worth the buy.

"Who says I belong to heaven?"

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