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Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Today feels like a special day! Why, you might ask. Well, this time I'll review a book I never, ever thought I'd even touch with one finger. I'm already known for not going and taking books that are very popular. (AKA The Hunger Games) but every now and then, I decide against my instincts and touch them anyway. However this was a series I absolutely never thought to betray myself with! I'm talking about Twilight by Stephanie Meyer.

When Bella moves to a rainy town, Forks, with her dad she never expected to have a very interesting life in it. She hates cold, she hates rain, she hates dark days and hates the fact that she'll live in Forks. However when she discovers the beautiful family Cullen, she thinks very differently about her existence in Forks. She tries to reach out to one of the Cullen guys but he only gives her angry looks and a very bad feeling. Speaking of bad, there is more to this bad guy that she first thought. It might even become very dangerous... 

Really, I don't think I need to explain a lot about this series. It's a highly spoken and appreciated series that everyone, or at least almost everyone, has read before and hyped about. I remember that I never wanted to see the movies! That was even before I got into reading, many many years before, I already wanted to hate it! However, there was one evening where I found my way to the first movie... betrayed myself by watching it... on Youtube back then when the titles were "Twilight part 1 of the 14" and I had to watch it in bits and pieces. And then I became fan of the movies... watched them in the movie theaters! I then told myself: no! not the books! 

Today I am here with the first book and the rest of the series coming along the way! However I need to be honest: I didn't love it. I enjoyed it enough to go pick out the next few books yes, but love was never there like it was with The Hunger Games.

First of all, Bella. I can't really tell if I like her or not. I feel like often she made me like her but at certain moments like when she starts overreacting about the littlest thing, I can't find myself liking her at all. What I did really enjoy about this character was the fact that we got to know the fact that she suppressed bad feelings like fear and hurt. This was something we never quiet got to understand during the movie since we didn't know her thoughts. And it cleared the fact that she wasn't afraid of vampires, or Edward. The book will therefore bring a few things about her in perspective and I really enjoyed that.

What I also enjoyed about this character was her interest in books, the movie doesn't really show that but since Bella enjoys books, I felt like I could relate better to her in some way. Also the way she acts around Edward was something I can't really stop myself from enjoying. Although sometimes she overreacted and was over romantic I started doubting this character. She often tried to hide certain things from him and that was nice to see develop to why and how she would do certain things when it came to him. Overall, I most of the time, did find enjoyable feelings about this character.

As for Edward, I like him. It's hard not to really! Every person that's a bit paranormal grabs my attention and finds a way to my heart... even Edward. Also this character became mad for a lot of little things and sometimes was over-romantic but it was less laid on there in comparison to Bella. This character really showed you that he was mature (most of the time) and that was parallel with his age so I loved the fact that it was realistic (well, not that vampires are realistic but you get what I mean!). I also enjoyed the fact that he was very protective over Bella and wanted her to be save, it was very cute and not too corny to my taste. Edward was probably my most enjoyed character in this book.

Now the plot! First of all I really want to point out the huge difference with the movie. I often thought I knew how this was going to go down, but I was absolutely surprised! This book is so different from the movie that it felt like a new story I've never heard or seen of before. Readers who haven't read the book but did see the movie will be surprised when it comes to this! It gave such a new spin to Twilight as well as a new taste and I liked that! Very refreshing if you ask me !

You might have already guessed my next point: the romance. Many times I have rolled my eyes at this romance. For me personally, it often got to corny and cliché which didn't make the plot always feel right to me. However, at times readers like me will find the love in it and enjoy it too. It sometimes just got too cheesy for me that it became a bit unbearable. Overall I could appreciate it enough.

What missed in my point was the action. I liked the plot, it wasn't boring, especially because it was refreshing in comparison to the movie and I love the discovering the truth about Edward! I would have just appreciated the plot more and enjoyed it more if there was action. The movie does a greater thing in this part. Tension and thrill are already known at the beginning of the movie. Here we wait until the very last bit of the plot before we finally get new characters involved that don't want romance but action, thrill, tension, suspicion and a game. That made me feel very thrilling and exciting. So if this would have been played out sooner and spread over the whole book, I would have felt this a lot and enjoyed the book even more!

Don't get me wrong, as I said before: the plot isn't boring! Especially because it's so much more different than the movie it felt new and good. The romance maybe was a bit too corny at times but overall I really enjoyed the book... I just didn't love it like most people expect! The characters also often brought me to laugh but also roll my eyes at the clichés but that aside the characters were great too. I enjoyed Twilight enough to check out the rest of the series though!

I conclude this review by saying that I didn't love the book but I enjoyed it enough to probably check out the rest of the series. I'm really curious if their mental age will evolve and make the books less corny and cliché. Don't get me wrong, I laughed often enough with the characters and felt with them during the read, but they became too many times angry for stupid things that caused me to roll my eyes a lot during Twilight. Although I didn't think the plot was boring, I did wish to see the threat of the bad guys spread over the plot and not all rushed at the end of the book. That said, I really missed the thrill and action through the rest of Twilight and often it was too romantic to my taste that it became painful for my eyes each time I rolled them. I did really love the fact that the book shows a huge difference to the movie. This is also another asset to the book that will make me check out the rest of the series. I might have not loved it but I sure did find it really interesting and enjoyable to read!

“I like the night. Without the dark, we'd never see the stars.” 

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