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Wednesday, March 15, 2017


This is the second book I read by this author and it's the best book I've read by this author. Honestly, I can't remember the last time a book moved me this much by only feels! And I also feel like I should give a standing ovation to the author because this book is a masterpiece: Confess by Colleen Hoover. I rated this book 5 stunning stars! If I could give more stars to books on Goodreads, I'd give this one the whole damn galaxy!

Note: Be prepared to love this book. 

Caused by certain circumstances, Auburn is forced to move to Dallas. Fighting to keep her head above water, she's in desperate need of finding a second job. Luckily for her, Fate is on her side that day and she finds a second job with an artist in the art gallery: Confess. His work is inspired by confessions people submit at his place. Before she knows it Auburn finds herself really interested in all that has to do with Owen, the artist. What they both don't realize is that they each have their own confessions to admit before this might become something serious. And even then the question is if Fate will support their decisions...

First thing: the characters. I can't describe how it went down but I confess: I fell in love with them on the first page they entered the book. They each have a part where you can just absolutely relate to them. One of them is really confident but inside doesn't always feel too confident and the other just isn't confident at all. But that's not all there is to relate to them!

Auburn was a very shy girl at the start but once they got to know each other a bit better, she ended up going all crazy and laughing at stupid jokes. This is something I'm sure many of us can relate to. Even though she isn't that confidence, she'll always try to show the best things she got and try hard for what she really wants in life. I really appreciated that in this character, especially when you hear what her confessions are. She's a very strong, independent girl and that really adorns her a lot because it shows her determination mixed with her uncertainty and shyness about herself. 

As for Owen, I loved him more and more while reading the book. My reasons for this are reasons I cannot confess at all because then it ruins everything. Let's just say it was as surprising as it was exactly what I would have expected from him. He radiates confidence that isn't arrogance and I really loved that because it's something different from the books I've read before this. Where the guy is so confident they become assholes but really are teddy bears? Yep. He's also a teddy bear but doesn't piss the girl off because he's blunt with his confidence. So a real keeper! Especially because he's so kind and sweet and tries to make Auburn and other character feel and be at ease even if that makes sure he'll be in trouble. Big time

Another character I love to discuss in this review is Emory. She's the roommate of Auburn and although we don't see her much in the book I fell in love with her! She actually made this book even funnier when she was around. She's so good at eavesdropping it's just hilarious to read and her social skills might not be in the top 3... or 100 for that matter, but this creates such a nice and funny vibe in the book I'm really grateful she was around. And believe me, I am really grateful! I did wish to see her a bit more, only because I just loved her so much!

What I loved about the characters, mainly Owen and Auburn, was that there were things we didn't know about them until way past in the book. The title is Confess and be ready to confess your own sins or whatever you really want to confess. For instance: I adore this book please give me more of them. I really felt like a priest sitting in one of those chambers where people come to to confess everything. It was hilarious at time but some confessions were also really serious and worrying which I appreciated. It shows that the author won't make this all a happy romance but also shows the real deal in life. Their confessions also gave us a whole new perspective on the characters and I loved it that the author made us wait and have patience before we really knew them inside and out! 

Also this book doesn't only use confessions that are made up for the characters, it uses confessions that are real. A note from the author: "The confessions you read within this novel are true confessions, submitted anonymously by readers. This book is dedicated to all of you who found the courage to share them." this might be one of the many things a reader can adore about a book. I won't lie, some of the confessions were really heavy and emotional but that doesn't take away the originality of it in the book AND as the author says the courage they needed to confess these. It really shows how strong they are and that is reflected into the characters too. There's a nice link between it and readers can be really keen on this. 

This also made sure we are into the plot and while we're there, I'd like to just take a moment and talk about the fact that this book is full of art. And I mean really... art. We're in Dallas, where there's an art gallery searching for an employee. And then there's Auburn filling in that job and then there's us being able to devour that art inside that book. Really. The author made sure that in her book the art is displayed for our eyes to see and it's absolutely wonderful. A great asset to this book because it was visualized!

Confess also makes a very nice plot arrangement. In the beginning it's all sweet and innocent, the both meet and they get to know each other. It's as if there's nothing wrong and they're just two people meeting in Dallas and really getting along. But the sooner we get to Owen's part in the book the faster we realize there's so much more to the story. 

Owen talks weird as if he already knows her and that just makes it creepier. Yet things still stay really innocent and sweet, both are shy around each other but really get along. This is also the part where the author made sure the feelings are getting over the top with yourself. Your heart might as well be beating out of your chest already because this story pulls you into a sweet romance... or not?

Soon both characters will have to confess and this causes the plot to just change immediately. Things turn darker and heavy and we don't know what it's caused by. That might be the thing that interests the readers most in this story: the fact that we don't know anything. We only touch surfaces hoping they'll pull us into the deep but we'll have to be patient. 

This plot isn't about the innocent romance anymore, it's time for some action and action it is. Confess is filled with confessions that'll make your heart beat fast but also with lies being fed to one another and betrayal and deep secrets we wish we knew from the start. The thing we'll ask most to ourselves is how this will play out and who will still be standing after all is over and done. I can tell you there'll be a mix of characters that each come with hard things to bump into another character to make changes to yet another character. Still following? 

Let's keep it short and summarized: The plot is amazing, from an innocent, sweet and new romance we'll be catapulted into a story that's about confessing to one another and trust the right persons. It'll give feelings that makes sure you stop reading for a few seconds so you can breath and gather yourself back together. There's action, lies, betrayal and also Fate will be involved in it all. Who will score a heart? Who will break a heart? Who will be there in the end? You'll question the plot and the characters once you get to now more and more about them and it's beautiful. Things don't stay innocent and sweet but the bond between Owen and Auburn will be tested by others and by their own confessions they need to make.

Did I just mention Fate? Mark my words, fellow booklovers, fate has a hand in here and you'll be shocked and moved by it once you learn the truth. But you'll have to be patient with this too because the hand of fate will be revealed at the end of the book. So hang in there, once you get there... it's going to be stunning. (and emotional, this book brought me to tears)

This book honestly is a master piece, not only because it contains beautiful art but also because of it's amazing characters that find their way to your heart from page one. With fate in the background these characters will become their strongest self and surprise you with their actions you first didn't know the reason behind. The plot isn't what you'd first expect either, which makes it a great asset to the book. If you think this is going to be a sweet romance, forget about it! It contains much more: action, lies, betrayal, secrets and sweet confessions you'll devour like your favorite candy. This is a recommendation I recommend to everyone really, it pulls at your heart in more than one way. This will not leave you untouched!

"I'll love you forever. Even when I can't."

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