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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Raveling You

A few months back, let's make that almost a year ago, I read a book by choice for my English exam. Of course I went for one of my favorite authors and I guessed it was about time to move on with the series and read another book by her. I have to say, it did not disappoint: Raveling You by Jessica Sorensen.

Note: this book is the second in a series of 5. If you have not read the first book, I highly recommend to not continue because more developments have been happening in the book in comparison to the first book. Reading on will spoil you for the first book in the series. If you are interested in the series, I did write a review on the first book: Unraveling you.


Ayden's past has finally come to knock onto his doorstep with a threat: his dead brother is only the beginning. Ayden is trying to remember everything that has happened when he was kidnapped so many years ago but his fears is keeping him from remembering. All the while, Lyric stands by him and tries to ease his fear and worries for what might have happened to his sister. While both try to solve the mystery, both also start to realize how important the other is for them and they can't afford to lose each other. When danger comes knocking on his door again, he doesn't know if he'll be able to save her from it.

Not much has changed when we look at Lyric, she still surprises me so much with her optimism and how happy she can be all the time, even when happiness isn't standing on her side in the story. I really, absolutely appreciate the fact that the author wrote a character that shows such positive vibes to the readers. Even when the times are very hard and rough, Lyric tries to find the brightest thing in it and tries to make it shine for everyone. Lyric is one of those characters that makes you smile because of her bright personality but also because of her sarcasm and dry humor which I can surely appreciate. 

Another thing I really enjoyed with this character was how much more we could see her support the people around her. Everyone is suffering from what's happening and she's such a supportive character that it's just so hard not to love her. Her support for others really is something beautiful in this character and what makes her also very relatable. 

This time around, Lyric will also try to find a way to her dreams as well which really made me appreciate her even more. Even though she tries to support, she doesn't dwell and won't put a stop on her dreams because of it. She'll find a way to include everyone else in her dreams so they can be happy and enjoy themselves. I really saw a development in this character, even though it was tiny when I compare it to Ayden.

Ayden is the other counterpart in the story and we see the huge contrast between him and Lyric. While Lyric always has had a good life and still can find happiness, we have Ayden who's been through a lot and gets pulled into his past once again. This time around, in contrast with Unraveling You, I feel like we know Ayden a lot better. His messages in his head aren't as cryptic anymore and he's really trying his best to become a full human being again.

We see him struggle a lot under the pressure of the police as well, he's doubting and worrying but that fact that he's trying really hard to make his existence count and to show that he can be useful and good enough really shows how much courage he has and that brightens his personality a lot. Of course this character is also the key to all the mystery that came in Unraveling You because it's his past that we need to access to get answers. 

We all know what has happened with with his brother, and for everyone's sake can I just say how surprising that actually was? Let's face it: we were never prepared for an ending like that! Raveling You will therefore really concentrate a lot on the mystery too and that's where our character Ayden comes in because we need him. 

This character shows such a huge difference and contrast to the first book in the series. Although there are many moments of doubt and worry, of fear for the unknown and his past, we also see how much he's trying to become such a great personality with happiness. I'm really glad that we also know a lot more about him and his feelings, without making his character seem too different from Unraveling You. The author stayed with his personality and only tried to change him for the better in small ways which I found very fantastic. She stays close to his reality which I think is a very important thing in this series. 

As for the plot, I already said it: it's mysterious. I was very surprised when I read Unraveling You because all the books I've read by this author didn't necessarily have this kind of mystery. And of course the mystery was only becoming bigger towards the end of book one and now it continues. The author will finally release some details we need to get a picture of Ayden's past and what we're up against. The best thing is that she doesn't give us everything because the character isn't ready for it. It really gives such a great feeling and made me feel aligned with Ayden. This of course gives Jessica Sorensen bonus points! 

As we're finally unraveling more of the mystery, the two main characters will start to align themselves more and more with each other. The lines between romance and friendship will be blurring and becoming very, very thin and who does not love such a thing? What was something that I really appreciated was the fact that the author really focused on their personalities: Lyric might be ready for anything, Ayden is really struggling and might not be ready for anything. It also made sure that both of them won't only support the other but also find a way to be pleased both and to find the golden midway. I really can't say it enough; the author did a great job with using their personalities and build the events around it. 

This growing affection between the characters and the mystery is also very well balanced out. The only remark I have toward this book is the fact that the author focused a lot on the sexual tension between the characters. Of course this was necessary in the book because this will have impact on the characters but I often wondered where the feelings are hanging around as they just talked about wanting to kiss the other constantly. I just wished the author focused a bit more on this. Other than that this book was very well written with a lot of new mystery that sometimes chilled you to the bones but that's really an asset to the plot in my opinion. Of course there are also very happy feelings and other kind of feelings, which are always there in a story by this author.

Raveling You was a great follow-up on Unraveling You. The characters are still very well written and still showed a lot of developments. The plot also has a good balance with the mystery about Ayden and the development between Lyric and Ayden. Although sometimes I wished the author didn't focus all the time on the sexual tension between them and focused a little bit more on their feelings for each other. Of course their feelings are written, and they're well written, I just wished the focus was more on that. The mystery also starts to get more and more detailed which really makes the readers get pulled into the story and get very chilled at times because of what this all might mean. Once again Jessica Sorensen made a very unique story that follows up the first part in this series amazingly: it makes you wonder about what will happen next and how the mystery will evolve! I can only say one thing: I am excited!

"Endlessly Yours."

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