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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

These Broken Stars

A book I fell in love with, and it was love at first sight really, was These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner. That cover. It was all it took to convince me I needed this book on my shelves! And after reading the back of the story, I was even more convinced that I needed this book right away!

 When the Icarus comes crashing down, the only survivors left are Lilac and Tarver. Both come from a different social class and both of them hate one another. But when you find yourself on unknown territory, on an unknown planet, don't you think it's better to work together and find your way out of it? Both characters have a hard time trusting one another as this is easy for Tarver being a soldier but hard for Lilac being a royalty. But when the planet blooms with things they both have never seen before, they find out it's better to stay together than alone...

This story is like Romeo and Juliet, mixed with the Titanic, mixed with futuristic elements... and I absolutely found it intriguing, phenomenal and fantastic! This read has so much in store for us and I am excited! 

First of all, the characters! Lilac LaRoux was a character I didn't really know what to think of in the beginning. When we first see her, I felt like she was different from the rest of her social class. Lilac is one of the most popular girls in the whole galaxy because she's a LaRoux and everyone insists she acts like a LaRoux. This girl gives so many mixed signals but she also knows the biggest development in the whole book. 

Some personal traits are the following: extremely stubborn and extremely determined. I have to hand it to her but when everyone expects her to act like a queen, she does quiet the opposite. There are a few moments in the book where I don't know what to make of her: the queen who thinks everyone else is below her, or the Lilac who doesn't see differences and thinks people are equal. This was something that really intrigued me because this girl made you so curious to who she really was and what her purpose was. Her stubbornness and her determination will also add to her finding her purpose in life and will also make sure she stays out of danger. 

I really loved to see Lilac because she grew during the story, as one of the higher social classes she didn't know what to do in survival, or how to act in certain situations. She became a very strong individual who knew how to fend for herself and I really admired that development within her. The once rude Lilac will change dramatically and it's very noticeable in the story!

As for the other person who crashed from heaven, Major Tarver Merendsen he's my new book boyfriend you guys! He's a soldier but all soldiers come from a lower social class, his personality will reflect his hatred for people who are higher above. Especially because he wants everyone to be equal and real. I really loved to see Tarver because even though he think Lilac is one of those higher snobs, he'll still protect her. Tarver has also made a very huge development, he becomes more and more open during the plot. This also causes the readers to know more about his past, about his behavior and his feelings which I felt was a great asset because it shows us how he manages to survive.

His knowledge is also something I really admired and added more to the story as it progresses. At one side we have the all-knowing Tarver and at the other side the unknowing Lilac. Yet the further we go, the more we realize also Lilac has knowledge to add which showed another side of her readers will really enjoy. Especially because to all knowledge is a story and both of the characters will give us fragments of the past which I was really keen on. It made us get to know them even better! Even though they're from another social class, it's great to see how they worked together as a team and bundled their knowledge to survive!

As for the plot, it was very surprising! The first few chapters we'll get into the world of the future with the social classes and how everyone behaves in those social classes. I was really keen on seeing that in this story because it explains a lot for the rest of the plot. And slowly but surly the plot builds up towards the crash which leads to Lilac and Tarver in one of the escape rooms and them escaping to find safety on a new planet.

This planet was very rich and very nice to play around with because it has different sceneries and therefore different dangers or hard moments in it. Even though Tarver knows his way around on many planets, and knows how they're each build up, this planet has a different vibe. That's another thing that I really enjoyed: the knowing but not knowing entirely. It made sure that the plot just becomes more thrilling and suspenseful: what is different? And why is it different? Things seem more darker than you'd first thought.

At first the plot will also be a lot about finding the ship, Icarus, that came crashing down and to find the rescuers, if there are any already. Above that in that first moment they touch down the planet, it's also really about the two main characters and their differences. These differences just give so much more to the plot as each of them has knowledge and each of their personalities will roughen everything up.

However, the plot will make a very slow movement towards the dangers onto the planet: mental and psychical. Readers will be happy about the fact that that movement is made very slowly because it therefore still hides a lot. I don't want to get into detail too much because when that movement is made, I was shocked. This is something I really hadn't expected in this book. 

I had expected them to just find the other people on the planet, find the Icarus and be done with it while talking their way out of their differences, but oh no! This plot is so rich, so dynamic and it will just really surprise you when you least expected it. You're in for a much deeper story than you might think, with danger, action but also with a lot of surprising futuristic elements and a lot of plot twists. These plot twists kept everything very interesting and made the plot also a lot more suspenseful! Also, I'd like to say that these two characters are just so amazing. Their hatred for each other really gives so many funny encounters that the reader can enjoy and laugh at sometimes, which made the plot get a more light side.

Lastly, I really love to point out that between each chapter, one of the characters will be asked questions. This is such a great asset to the book to my opinion, because those questions really build up towards the ending. You get a feel about what has happened and how this might influence your ending. It's also a great way to summarize a chapter and comes in handy when you put the book aside and want to catch up!

This book was better than I had anticipated. I was a bit skeptic in the beginning of the book but after a few pages, I was happy to be pulled into the story. The characters, both from a different social class, show us so much and are incredibly written. They always show a side you didn't expect them to have. The plot is also filled with thrill and suspense and when you least expect it, the plot will absolutely destroy you with plot twists. The plot was so rich, unique with a very dynamic but unpredictable new world. Above that many surprises await us in this world and I had never expected anything like this. A very unique story with a nice twist to everything, I absolutely loved it so much!

"And there it is, against all hope, like the sun peeking out from behind the clouds. The smallest hint of a smile.”

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