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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Shout out!

So this is going to be an all new kind of blog post! And it has to do with my book challenge for today, which is "Bookmarks". You might have seen that I don't have the normal printed bookmarks as I used to... That all has to do with my mother!

My mom is an artist and makes many projects on a very creative manner. She uses all kinds of markers, paper, stamps and is even a member of various designteams. Maybe one you might now is Kuretake! Since my challenge told me to make a picture with a bookmark, I challenged her to make me another one due to today! 

I told her that I'd love one with black and that black and gold are in a marriage. As she and you guys already know, I'm a huge fan of books with angels and demons in it. Mainly the 'wing' part to the characters and she has a lot of stamps with beautiful angel wings! 

That said and done she made me this beautiful bookmark with black feathers and gold specks: 

She outdone herself again! If you want to know how she has made this beautiful bookmark go to her blog: or directly to the blog post that handles this subject: Shout out to...  

She also has other tutorials on how to make very creative and beautiful things such as cards for birthdays or other occasions. So make sure to go check on her blog: HERE and show your creative side! She also joined Instagram a while ago so make sure to go and follow her there to see the beautiful pictures she makes with her projects: INSTAGRAM 

Voor de Belgen en Nederlanders onder ons, mijn mama geeft ook verschillende workshops met de verschillende producten die ze gebruikt. Als je zin hebt om je creatieve kantje te tonen, binnenkort is er een workshop in Wommelgem! Voor meer informatie KLIK HIER, maar ook voor You Do (Schleiper) doet ze workshops, ga dus zeker eens een kijkje nemen op haar blog! Je kan haar ook vragen om een workshop te geven door haar te contacteren. 

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